PaleoChef BBQ Faves

20130106-Stevesoriginal026Get your grill on this Father’s Day with two of our most popular PaleoChef sauces: Ketchup and Steak Sauce. They are cleanest sauces on the market, sweetened only with honey and no processed, unnatural sugars. Slather them on a juicy steak or as a classic burger topping. Two lucky winners will win a bottle of each this #Two4Tuesday.

Please tag a friend in the comments on this Facebook post who might like our line of PaleoChef sauces, and you will be entered into a random drawing to win this week’s #Two4Tuesday prize. Check back on our Facebook page Wednesday morning for winners.

Ketchup – with NO added sugars, wacky ingredients, or high-fructose corn syrup!
If your (sweet potato) fries feel naked or your (bun-less) burgers have felt slightly lacking, you may be suffering from a Ketchup deficiency! Not to worry – now you can enjoy your favorite condiment again, PaleoChef-style!

Our Peach BBQ Sauce was made for those summer afternoon barbecues that you wish could last forever. With just a hint of peach, this BBQ sauce is lightly sweet and fully flavorful.

Dressings this clean and healthy are hard to find – that’s why we created our own

Your purchase changes lives!  15% of our proceeds brings CrossFit, nutrition, nutritional guidance and mentorship to at-risk youth in cities around the country.

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