Why We Do This

I didn’t get into this business to make money. I mean, no business can run on love alone, but making money was never my primary goal—and it still isn’t.

My primary goal is helping kids, especially kids that this world hasn’t been so nice to. I see these kids on the streets and I know many of them want a better life, but they could use someone to show them the way.

That’s where I come in—and YOU, with your purchase of products from Steve’s PaleoGoods. In fact, this past year we donated around $80,000 to Steve’s Club National Program to run and grow our program and help support our 30+ Local Clubs around the country (and in case you are wondering I don’t make any money from SCNP…it is 100% volunteer work…with over half of the funds raised used to cover program expenses to directly benefit the kids).  If interested in learning more, email me at [email protected] and I will send you a copy of our 2016 Annual Report for SCNP.

As you probably know, running a business isn’t always easy. The hours are long and the work is hard, even when it’s rewarding. So, when a customer takes the time to write a note, man-o-man does that go a long way. Recently, a customer named Mike sent this note and I just want to share it, because it means so much to all of us here at Steve’s.

Mike wrote: “I just wanted to take a quick minute to THANK YOU for all the work you do! First and foremost, I LOVE the products—we have lots of PaleoKrunch in our kitchen, I survive on PaleoKits and dried fruit when I travel for work and we’re even mixing in some of the baking supplies (oh and just bought some salmon though we haven’t tried it yet!). It’s great tasting REAL food… so needed.

But better than even that is the mission you’ve espoused and driven with this business … I love how you’ve used fitness and CrossFit to inspire and motivate at-risk youths. It’s an incredible mission, and you are clearly changing lives. This is perhaps even MORE needed than healthy food in our country.

I hope a lot of people do this from time to time for you, but THANK YOU for everything you are up to. Both ends of your business are sorely needed. Glad to see you take such passion in doing it too! Keep up the GREAT work!”

Thanks, Mike! And thanks to all of you reading this note and buying Steve’s PaleoGoods. We’re doing important work for these kids—all of us together. Please don’t forget that.