What Are You Looking Forward To?

“I have only to break into the tightness of a strawberry, and I see summer.” – Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye

We all need something to look forward to.

Life isn’t always easy so when you are trying to tough your way through one of the rough spots – whether that’s in a workout or at work or in a relationship. It helps to have a spark of light that you can focus on, maybe some glint of a future day that carries you through. Could be a local competition or an overdue vacation.

Or maybe you’re just trying to get through another month in a long winter and you’re thinking, “Mother Nature, are you just messing with us again? You gave us snow, then heat, now we’ll probably get sleet or 10 degrees again!” (We all know how messed up the weather can get so quickly.)

And maybe that’s why we so heartily embrace summer when it comes – because we don’t always have it. Feels special and tastes sweeter, you know? At least it does for me and pretty much every kid out there!

I’m SO looking forward to summer. I’m looking forward to being outside in the sun and running around in the backyard with my kids. I can’t wait to play cornhole with the neighbors and throw some grass-fed steaks on the grill.

I’m also looking forward to:

  •   Hanging out at the beach with family and friends. 
  •   Playing sports and games with my 3 little ones in the backyard. 
  •   Taking long walks around the park with my wife.
  •   Having BBQs with family and friends (and you know I use Steve’s Paleo Sauces like a madman) 
  •   Pushing the prowler in the gym parking lot. 
  •   Sprinting (yeah, I said that and I really mean it!)

As I get older, I like the winter months less and less … but I still understand their importance. Seasons. Everything changes. I get it. But I sure love me some summer.

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