The original cure-all.

Spring’s finally here, and I’m excited to share some amazing health tips.

Here’s how you can use nature to increase your health and feel great!

1. Get morning sunlight to wake up right. 

Bright light in the morning, especially at sunrise, improves mood and helps you sleep better that night[1][2]. Best way: 30 minutes of outside morning light when you eat breakfast.

2. Try earthing to lower inflammation.

Simply putting your bare feet on the ground is highly effective for reducing inflammation[3]. For a 1-2 combo, do this daily during your morning sunlight.

3. “Forest bathe” to reduce stress and improve mental health.

Being mindful in the forest, a form of “nature therapy,” even helps sleep and immune function[4].

4. Lower your blood pressure and boost your mood with afternoon sun.

Daytime sunlight does more than just increase vitamin D. It raises nitric oxide, which helps reduce blood pressure and increases “happy” neurotransmitters[5].

5. Visit waterfalls for better mood and healthier lungs.

Waterfalls release negative ions into the air, shown in research to boost mood and support lung health[6][7] 

“Who’s got the time,” you might be asking?

Turn off the TV and screens, go to bed earlier, and get up to watch sunrise.

Try taking regular outside breaks at work (or if you work from home, move your desk outside).

If you’re the active type, do all your workouts outside when it’s nice (game-changer)!

Play outside — throw a ball with your kids (or anyone!).

Schedule family time at the beach, in the forest, or visit a waterfall this weekend.