Summer Bundle

45 summer-inspired PaleoGoods are one click away!

One big box of your summer-inspired favorites shipped free to your door! Interested in trying a variety of things but have limited time to shop? Our Summer Bundle is for you!

The bundle includes:
Tropical PaleoKrunch Bars: 5
Mango PaleoKit Small: 5
Cinnamon PaleoKrunch: 5
Grass-Fed Moist and Meaty PaleoStix: 5
Buffalo Chicken PaleoJerky: 5
Honey Mustard Chicken PaleoJerky: 4
Key Lime Artisanal Beef PaleoJerky: 4
Nutty Butter PaleoBars: 4
Dried Blueberries: 3
Dried Mangos: 3
PaleoChef Ketchup: 1
PaleoChef Wing Sauce: 1

The Summer Bundle SHIPS FREE! Order yours today and be prepared for August road trips. It’s hard to make a bad choice when a good one is waiting in your bag.

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