Protein Paleo Snacks

If you have a good choice on hand, it’s really hard to make a bad one. I always keep some emergency protein in my backpack, along with a bottle water and some kid-friendly snacks. This way, no one gets HANGRY when we are on the road, especially Mom.

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A great go-to protein snack.

Steve’s PaleoStix are made the old fashioned way. We dry, smoke and spice our meat to safely preserve it without using additives. Our Stix are clean and delicious pure protein. One pack provides 28g and paired with an apple is a balanced lunch.

Some companies add water to their meat sticks to add weight. This scrupulous practice is commonly referred to as “pennies from heaven” since it is an inexpensive way for the manufacturer to boost net weight and net profit. You won’t get watery Stix at Steve’s PaleoGoods. There are eight delicious varieties of PaleoStix, grab your old favorites or try something new today!

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Nutty Butter PaleoBar has 16 grams of protein!

PaleoBars are the most delicious and cleanest protein bars on the market. We are proud to bring you 4 flavors: Pumpkin Cranberry, Chocolate Pineapple, Nutty Butter and Bacon Eggs and Coffee. Made with REAL egg whites, PaleoBars have no added artificial sweeteners or refined sugar. They are that GOOD. Packed with 16-20g of protein, they are a perfect breakfast with your morning coffee.

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Simply the best.

The team at Steve’s PaleoGoods is proud to of our Paleo Jerky. We start with whole meat cuts of high quality beef and make everything by hand. Jerky is what we founded our company on. And while much has changed since 2006 when Steve and his wife Kristen smoked jerky in their kitchen, many things will always remain exactly the same.

Meat and spices is all you will find in our Paleo Jerky. We will never add preservatives, sugar, soy or starch. The vacuum packed seal on our paleo jerky holds in juices while keeping air out. When you start with high quality cuts of whole muscle meat, all you need is a little spice and a slow roast to achieve jerky perfection!

Most of our products have a 12-month shelf life, but they rarely stay around that long. Tuck something away for your next moment in need. Protein will save you (and the ones you love) from getting HANGRY!

E-Crespo works on all things E-Commerce at Steve's PaleoGoods and owns CrossFit 1Force in New Jersey.
E-Crespo works on all things E-Commerce at Steve’s PaleoGoods and owns CrossFit 1Force in New Jersey.