Paleo Gift Giving

Steve's Starter Kit is the most popular Bundle.
Steve’s Starter Kit is the most popular Bundle.

It’s the age-old holiday question. What do you get for the person who has it all? Unless they have given you a specific idea, it can be challenging. One thing is certain: everyone loves FOOD!

At Steve’s PaleoGoods, we’d like to help you solve the holiday gift giving dilemma. We have countless options at every price point. Our products aren’t just for those who follow a paleo diet. We have something for everyone! All of our offerings are high-quality, gluten-free and have no junk or sugar added. If you know someone who loves good food, they will love Steve’s PaleoGoods.

Steve’s Starter Kit
If someone close to you has recently adopted a healthy lifestyle or has been following a paleo diet for years, check out the Steve’s Starter Kit. It’s a BIG gift for someone special on your list. Packed full of protein, clean carbs, and healthy fats, these snacks will keep anyone full in between meals and on-the-go. Who ever you gift a Starter Kit to will think of you fondly each time they open one of the 47 products inside! Most importantly, they will see that it’s possible to stay clean while on the go.

Steve’s Land and Sea Sampler
How awesome would it be to come home from work to a box of high-quality protein? The Land and Sea Sampler can be delivered directly to the recipient of your choice. Flash frozen to lock in freshness, it will arrive on dry ice. This sampler contains one pound of Grass-Fed Ground Beef and one each of Strip Steak, Ribeye Steak, Sirloin Steak, Chicken Breast and Salmon filet. There are nearly ten meals in this one Sampler!

Steve’s Grass-Fed Filet Mignon
Beef-Tenderloin-Steak-CC-Chain-Off-Cooked1The crown jewel of cuts, Steve’s Filet is simply beautiful. Cut from the heart of the tenderloin, filet mignon is known for it’s amazing tenderness and exceptional flavor. We start with beautiful Grass-Fed Angus cattle, responsibility raised and sustainably sourced. Each filet is hand trimmed to perfection, packaged in a box of four for a lovely gift.

Steve’s Salmon
Perfect for that busy person in your life, Steve’s Salmon goes from freezer to table in just 7 maple-mustard-salmonminutes. Our new technology allows this salmon to be cooked to perfection in the microwave! Never before has a meal this convenient been so delicious. We source with Bakkafrost, an organization wholeheartedly dedicated to sustainable practices and cherishing the environment. This moist and flavorful salmon has never been treated with antibiotics or hormones. The innovative packaging is designed for the microwave, but can also be cooked in the oven, stovetop or grill. Also available in Plain, Ginger Cilantro and Maple Mustard, there are eight 6oz positions in every box.

Best Sellers Sampler
The Best Sellers Sampler includes our Original PaleoKrunch Bar, Grass-Fed PaleoJerky, Dried Strawberries, Dark Chocolate Espresso PaleoKrunch Bar, PaleoChef Maple Mustard, Vanilla Coconut PaleoSnax and Moist and Meaty Grass-Fed PaleoStix. These are our best-selling products made from high-quality paleo ingredients free of gluten, refined sugars and junk. 

Dried Fruit Sampler
DriedFruitSamplerOur Dried Fruit Sampler makes healthy eating divine. Show someone you love that life without added sugar can be naturally sweet. It’s all the best sellers–Strawberries, Mangos, Blueberries, Apples and Cranberries.

Artisanal PaleoJerky Sampler
Making hand-crafted Artisan Jerky is not easy, but nothing worth it ever is. Crafted by hand, cured for days and slowly smoked to perfection for the most delicious result, it starts with 100% Grass-Fed & Finished Black Angus Beef. Time is the not-so-secret curing ingredient that gives us the most flavorful, succulent jerky on the market. The Artisanal Jerky Sampler contains one each of Vermont Honey Maple, Bison, Sweet Southern BBQ and Southwestern Sriracha. Our PaleoJerky contains  no MSG, no soy and no added sugar.

Holiday shopping can be overwhelming, but not from the comfort of your coach. Order someone on your list PaleoGoods today! One thing is for certain–everyone loves food!