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25017_10151318854569521_549760949_nMost of us joined this community because it was different. We were tired of the old ways, the old garbage, the crap that we knew didn’t work but that was accepted all around us.

But we knew differently. We knew life could be better. We knew exercise could be training for life, an
d that food should and could be real.

We knew moving our bodies in a functional way made us stronger. We knew how much better it felt to reject processed foods and go back to whole foods that nature gave us. After we got the poison out of our systems, our bodies felt amazing and life improved.

The sun shone brighter and we all high-fived. Angels played or something. Our asses grew in a good way. And we told everyone we knew about our new lives.

And then some of us went back to shoveling in crap. And some of us went back to selling some modified version of real food.

This was understandable in a way. Nobody can eat good intentions. You have to pay the bills. So, what’s the harm is selling something that might have a few questionable ingredients or the company behind it might have a few questionable ethics? We all make compromises.

paleo appetizers
15% of every purchase goes directly to Steve’s Club National Program

But here’s the thing: justifications are easy to make, but they’re harder to live with. Justifications tap at your shoulder, and they might wake you up at night. You sweat a little. But still you think, “People are going to buy pre-workout drinks anyhow. I’m just making it available. Better they buy it from me than from somewhere else.”

I get that. You’re not going to find any stone throwing here.

But what if you didn’t have to make those accommodations? What if you didn’t have to justify the product or the company to yourself or anyone else? What if you could sell things that were as healthy and wonderful as the workout you’re selling on the gym floor? And what if you could make money doing it? And what if a portion of the proceeds from those products you sold were actually helping disadvantaged kids right here in the United States?

Surprise. You can do this. This can happen.

It’s called selling Steve’s PaleoGoods in your gym. Real food for real people.

No questionable ingredients. No questionable ethics. No hidden ingredients.

Just honest, real food sold by a guy named Steve that you can call up and talk to.

It’s crazy, right? They said it would never work. And yet it keeps working. Steve’s PaleoGoods have always been sold online but now are now available in CrossFit boxes, Whole Foods other healthy retailers.

Why? Because people long for real food. Because people want integrity. Ever interact with (or read about) the Millennial generation? They’re more hungry for transparency and authenticity than perhaps any generation before them. Why? Because they’re tired of the crap that companies have tried to sell them. Just like we all were. Just like I hope we all still are.

And who else feels that way? The generation that is raising the Millennials: the moms and dads who probably make up a large percentage of the members in your gym. People who are fed up with being less than whole, people who are fed up with being non-functional. People who desperately want real.

So, give the people what they want. Give them real. Provide another product you can be proud of.

Your business, your choice. Do what you have to do for you and your members. And, really, that’s the bottom line. No guilt. Just options.

Steve’s Paleogoods: a real food option you can sell with pride. Email wholesale@stevespaleogoods.com to get started today.

Have questions? Call Steve. He’ll answer them for you.

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