Not Feeling Motivated? Try This.

Feeling down? Don’t want to go to the gym? Just feel like curling up on the couch with a bowl of mac cheese and your “I Love Bacon” pillow? (BTW, we love bacon too.)

I hear you. The days are getting shorter and fall lasts only a little while longer before we head into winter again. Motivation wanes and we find ourselves in the dark of winter, shoveling snow outside and shoveling food inside. Spring can get rough.

But there’s hope!

If you’re feeling unmotivated, there’s a secret weapon and (surprisingly) it doesn’t have to do with how you talk TO YOURSELF but, rather, how you talk TO OTHERS.

Yup, a new (and maybe old) trick to motivate yourself is … motivate others.

“What? That sounds whacked, Steve,” you might be saying.

I know. It sounded a little nuts to me, too, but there was this study done recently that showed some interesting conclusions on how people who were not feeling motivated actually felt more motivated after giving advice to other people.

“Giving advice, as opposed to receiving it, appears to help unmotivated people feel powerful because it involves reflecting on knowledge that they already have.”

What’s that mean? That if you’re feeling like you don’t want to go to the gym or go for a walk or even finish raking the yard, maybe it’s time to jump up and talk to your buddy about the strength benefits of squatting and deadlifting. Or maybe you chat with your spouse about the benefits of walking and then you suddenly find yourself picking up the dog’s leash and both of you head out the door for a long walk. Maybe it’s time to bore your kids with stories of how raking leaves is good exercise for them!

Sure, you can continue to give yourself pep talks. There’s nothing wrong with self-motivation! I give myself motivational reminders all the time.

But if you’re struggling and nothing seems to be working, try motivating someone else. You might find that while you’re trying to convince someone else, you end up convincing yourself. Now wouldn’t that be sweet?

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