Meet Lucas, Our Head Jerky Guy

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Meet Lucas.

Meet our head jerky guy Lucas. He runs the SPG smokehouse like a true Artisan. Handcrafting jerky takes three days from start to finish, and Lucas oversees every step of the process.

“I make every batch of jerky like I’m going to eat it myself,” said Lucas. “I try to think like our customers and deliver them the excellence they deserve.”

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It starts with beautiful ingredients.

Lucas leads a team of four people who trim, slice, season, cure and smoke our dozen varieties of jerky, all handcrafted in house. Fresh from the oven, he samples every batch, looking for succulent jerky that’s spiced just right. Lucas is obsessive about quality and taste.

“Making jerky is an art, and we do it beautifully,” said Lucas. “We use high quality meat, free of preservatives and slow roast for the perfect result. That’s what sets our jerky apart from the rest.”

The process starts with grass-fed Black Angus Beef sustainably sourced from New Zealand. We only use whole muscle cuts of sirloin that we slice, mix and turn by hand, eliminating the need for chemicals and automated tumbling.

“Other companies tumble meat to tenderize it, or worse yet, they grind it into paste and form jerky pieces,” said Lucas. “We would never ever process our meat. Time is our secret ingredient. Our sea salt spice blends track into the meat and carry the marinade with it.”

After the curing process, Lucas begins the roast slow and low. The temperature gradually increases for hours. Roasting jerky at high heat cuts costly time from the process, but that’s not an option at Steve’s PaleoGoods.

“We do this right,” said Lucas. “And that’s what I love about my job. I get to make delicious products that help people life a healthier life. It doesn’t get much better than that.”

Lucas’ favorite jerky is the Sweet Southern BBQ, and Vermont Honey Maple is a close second. Check out these varieties to see which one is your favorite. Trust that you are getting the cleanest most delicious jerky on the planet. Lucas would have it no other way!