Make Your Own Rules

Apparently it’s no longer cool to set New Year’s resolutions?!

Regardless, I’m a bit of a contrarian. I always have been. (That’s part of the reason why I insist on doing things differently from 99.999% of the food industry and sourcing the best quality products, using all natural ingredients, and paying fair living wages. I’m just stubborn like that!)

I happen to think setting goals is awesome, no matter what time of year, and I want to give you permission to set some amazing goals for 2021 right now.

That’s right: why not get ahead of the curve and do it before January 1st?

Here are some of my resolutions for the new year:

  • Offer the most amazing emails ever on topics like recipes and food tips, diet and health advice, fitness tips, and more–no need to do anything extra, just fantastic advice directly in your inbox.
  • Take into account all feedback I receive to provide the best possible newsletter and blog content.
  • Personally respond every time someone replies to this newsletter (try me! Say hello!)
  • Release some new snacks, supplements, and other products that will absolutely blow your mind. Just wait and see!

Since losing weight is a very common goal and thus a very common resolution, I’ll close by sharing some interesting insights from a weight loss study that stuck with me recently.

In this 2017 study, after completing a successful diet, participants “did their own thing” and attempted to maintain a healthy weight as the researchers followed and interviewed them for a full year.

Slightly under half of the study participants regained lost weight, but the rest maintained or continued to lose weight. 

The researchers found that the biggest difference between people who regained and people who didn’t was that the people who succeeded at keeping weight off made rules and followed them.

The weird part is that the rules people chose actually differed a lot, and what seemed to matter was choosing rules that made sense to each individual and sticking to them.

The takeaway is that you’re probably more likely to succeed at losing weight and keeping it off if you have rules and structure, but the rules are up to you!

Heck, maybe this is true of other areas, too, like productivity, wealth, and happiness. Figure out your values and what matters to you, be consistent, then you’re good to go.

What do you think? Hit reply and let me know your thoughts–they’ll go directly to my personal inbox.

I hope you have the best year ever in 2021 and may all your goals come to fruition!