(KISS) Keep It Simple Steve

Do you know why most diets fail?

It’s not because they’re no fun or people are lazy (although both those things are sometimes true).

Most diets fail because they’re too complicated.

It’s not just “eat this” but “eat this, this, this, this, and this” but “don’t eat that, that, that, that, that, that, that” and “eat A at this time, B at this time, and F, G, H at XPQ time, but not on Tuesdays.” Weigh everything. No, don’t weigh everything. Check this site, this app, this guru on every single morsel of food you push past your lips.

After a few days or weeks, we lose our attention span in all those details (life is busy!) and we regain bodyfat and we don’t feel stronger. We feel weak and defeated.

There’s a better way.

When I’m tempted to make nutrition or life too complicated, I adapt that old acronym: Keep It Simple, Steve. (KISS)

(Okay, so usually that acronym means Keep It Simple, Stupid but hey my first name starts with S, right?)

What does “Keep It Simple, Steve” mean?

It means:

  • Eat as close to whole foods as you possibly can
  • Eat real food made from real food (like everything at Steve’s PaleoGoods)
  • Don’t eat sugar
  • Try to stay gluten-free
  • Avoid processed foods
  • Limit your dairy intake
  • Eat reasonable portions
  • Enjoy a simple treat once in a while (I love a scoop of ice cream)
  • If you make a questionable choice, follow it with a good choice

In other words, don’t make any of this more complicated than it needs to be. Your life is complex enough and you don’t need to add more layers of stress to it.

And here’s my number one tip for anyone looking to eat clean: COOK YOUR OWN FOOD.

Seriously. In a society where we increasingly eat out or order out or take out, go retro:

And, remember that results come from the doing and not from the planning. You can have the best plan in the world but if you fail to execute it properly, then your plan is the same as the worst plan in the world because it fails.

The best diet is the one you DO, not the one you talk about. So get out there and start doing. Keep It Simple and you can achieve a lot.