Interview With SPG Founder Steve Liberati

Steve Liberati, founder of Steve’s Club and Steve’s PaleoGoods

Recently, Head Caveman Steve sat down with lifestyle blogger Jett from Avjord Organics. He is a passionate traveler, weight lifter, free-runner, and climber. His awesome blog covers all things health and fitness — from recipes and training to traveling and life in general.

Here’s a short snippet from the interview. To read the full post check out Jett’s site here. 

First off, I’m just gonna say that Steve is one of my heroes. Steve’s Club really resonates with me. It absolutely comes from a place where I’ve been before, and it’s great to see someone taking a stand for the kids that usually get brushed aside in life.

 For those of you that don’t know what Steve’s club is, it’s a non-profit organization that connects fitness, nutritional awareness, and guidance to at-risk kids and teens. Basically, they change kids’ lives through exercise and mentorship, and really get them on the right track. How awesome is that?

 Personally, I  got super inspired and excited by this interview. It shows that maybe, just maybe, there’s hope after all. Anyway, without further ado, here’s my interview with Steve liberati. Enjoy!

 Steve club has done some awesome work. In a time where kids are typically unhappy and unhealthy, you are one of the leaders in the movement to a happier, healthier youth. What do you think the next step is to improving our nation’s kids’ health on a wider scale?

 We need to get kids to move more and eat better. The reality is kids have far too many sedentary habits. Playing video games, surfing the Internet and   watching TV while eating junk food are typical after school activities. Helping kids to understand why movement matters and that food is fuel is the best way to help them change their lifestyle.