Finding the Sweet Spot


Ever rub a dog’s chest?

You know how when you hit a certain spot, their leg starts to twitch and jump? You found the sweet spot. That dog is in their groove, happy and all is right with their world.

Humans are sort of the same way with life. When everything is flowing well – work, family, health, nutrition – you hit this sweet spot, this level where everything just flows. It feels like maximum results for minimum effort. You are IN THE GROOVE.

But here’s the thing: sweet spots in life don’t happen out of the blue. They don’t come from a random stranger with a goofy “good boy!” and a pat on the head. You can’t just stumble your way into flow.


You have to plan for the sweet spot and earn it.

Like a good education and a good job, good nutrition and good health and good relationships take planning and commitment. They also take resilience and perseverance. (When you fall off the wagon, you got to jump right back on.) Remember, nothing done well ever came easy. But that’s okay, because we all know how to make this happen.

  • Nutrition plan.
  • Work plan.
  • Gym plan.
  • Family plan.

Nutrition: Write down your meal plan for the week. Do some meal prep. Pack some lunches or dinners. Make a breakfast casserole. Plan ahead and order some healthy snacks for your car and your gym bag. Get your week ready before it starts.

Work: Plan your work week. What days are you staying late? What days are you coming home early? What days are you going in early? When are your meetings?

Exercise: What days are you going to the gym this week? When are you walking in the woods? When are you riding bikes through your neighborhood with your kids or your spouse? Put it on your calendar.

Family: plan for them too. When’s your special treat this week? It doesn’t have to be a dinner out. Maybe it’s a movie together on a Saturday afternoon, or bowling or a Sunday or Game Night on a Tuesday. Dream about your next vacation too. These things matter.


We are all achievers. We love to DO. But here’s the thing: more is not always better. Sometimes, more brings a whole lot of less. You work too hard too often at the gym and then you get injured. You spend too many nights working and you find yourself growling at people. (Okay, maybe that’s just me. But it’s a soft growl!)

We have to be careful not to overdo, not to be so concerned about hitting the sweet spot that we end up in the sour patch. You don’t have to go there. If the extra benefits of your work don’t outweigh the extra effort, then think about what you’re doing and adjust your plan. (It’s okay to have a 2-pack instead of a 6-pack or maybe you’re just working on a defined waistline.)

So, figure out how to throttle back sometimes.

  • Skip the gym once in a while.
  • Enjoy a birthday cake with your family.
  • Forget the laundry and take a nap on Saturday afternoon.

Do, but don’t overdo. You know what I’m talking about. Find that balance and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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