Everyday Paleo After Wedding Faileo

I’m the luckiest girl I know.

I got married last weekend. Or let me rephrase that… I got married for an entire week at the amazing PlayaCar Palace just 35 minutes outside of Cancun. Instead of the festivities lasting 7 hours, they lasted 7 days. And let me emphasize the word FESTIVE.

Many of us find the Paleo lifestyle almost by accident. You learn about it in your CrossFit gym, you figure out that you have some type of gluten intolerance or someone you know took control of their health by eating real food. And while it takes some preparation and planning, eating real nutrient-filled food as close to its natural state as possible is simple.  The principles aren’t that complex.

But what is complex is what happens when you completely abandon those principles for 7 days. After years of eating a certain way stopping only for vacations and occasions, you are painfully reminded why eating meat, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds and good fats is the way to go.

I can speak for my husband (still not used to that) and myself when I say, our euphoria is only clouded by our extreme dehydration and inflammation. Our leg cramps, puffy eyes, swollen feet, headaches and bloated bellies have left us longing for our usual lunch of PaleoKits and dinners of grilled meats and veggies. I’ve never missed salad so much. The only real lettuce at our all inclusive resort was part of the buffet decor. And some of our guests even used it!

Today is back to business as usual and it feels good. Or should I say it will feel good in about a week once we have detoxed our bodies.

Even though I have the time, I’m not going to CrossFit today. I just don’t feel strong enough. Like I tell my kids, your body is like a car, you would not try to drive it with the gas tank on empty. I’m going to fuel myself well and return to the barbell by Friday at the latest.

Do I regret my morning mojitos and hibachi rice? My lunch of bacon cheeseburger with 1/2 the bun and crispy golden french fries? Freshly baked bagels for breakfast with an inch of Mexican cream cheese? The endless cervezas with juicy fresh limes? Not for a minute. Over indulging in all the things I used to love has reminded me why I only love them on occasion.

E-Crespo works on all things E-Commerce at Steve's PaleoGoods.
EK-Crespo works on all things E-Commerce at Steve’s PaleoGoods.

Once the swelling in my fingers subsides, I’ll spend even more time staring at this amazing wedding ring given to me by the finest human I know. This man 12 years my junior came along and rescued me, teaching me all the things I never knew I needed to learn. Most importantly, we love this Paleo slash CrossFit lifestyle we live together 51 weeks out of every year. I’m the luckiest girl I know.