Clean Super Bowl Snacks

Clean snacks are up against JUNK at this year’s Super Bowl Parties. Who will win the face off? (You will, if you don’t eat your face off!) Remember, Monday is a work day and you will thank yourself in the morning if you enjoy real food at the game instead of highly processed salty or sugary snacks. No one ever regrets eating real food.

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Check out @anyas_eats on IG.

Headed to a party? BYOSnacks! No one will be mad if you come packing your own delicious fare to share. We salute our loyal IG following for their snacking creativity and thank them for inspiring others to do the same.

Remember, clean doesn’t mean boring. Our complete line of PaleoChef sauces makes every meal deliciously Paleo. @anyas_eats loves our Ketchup when making fish sticks, her favorite comfort food. Enjoying a paleo lifestyle doesn’t mean giving up what you love. Finding products and recipes to help you love the food you eat will keep you satisfied.

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Our friend Alyssa is a self proclaimed PaleoChef addict. A busy working Mom and avid CrossFitter, she still commits to a home cooked meal 5-6 nights a week and loves grilling season and her new pressure cooker that she used to make this convenient meal. Eight minutes after she began, Alyssa had this delicious BBQ Chicken atop some yummy broccoli slaw tossed with Maple Mustard. Chicken breasts, a pressure cooker and Peach BBQ for dinner in less than ten. You can’t beat it.

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Creation courtesy of @luisanguloo and Peach BBQ PaleoChef.

@luisanguloo believes good food should be simple, and we could not agree more. Ribs are always a crowd pleaser, and could not be easier when you use Peach BBQ PaleoChef. Whether you make them in the oven on or the grill, PaleoChef will help save time and add flavor by keeping your ribs deliciously Paleo.

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Cauliflower Hot Flings.

What might look like fried boneless chicken at first glance is really baked cauliflower goodness. @dontkillmynamaste calls this creation Cauliflower Hot Flings. Perfect for Super Bowl Sunday, these are sure to please the veggie lovers in your group and even the meat eaters looking to add more vegetables in their life. Check our her IG for the full recipe that takes about 40 minutes to prep and bake. The not-so-secret ingredient? PaleoChef Wing Sauce!

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Photo Courtesy of @primalfix.

Maple Mustard is one of our best selling and most versatile PaleoChef sauces. Our customers dip, dunk, marinade, sauté, and toss it with real food options for a clean meal that’s the real deal. Chicken bites-fingers-strips-breasts are game-day favorites. A dish of Maple Mustard to the side is a proven crowd pleaser. @primalfix whipped up her “toddler approved” chicken bites using gluten-free pretzels. She tagged this creation #notstrictpaleo #organic #glutenfree and has plenty of clean food inspiration on her IG. Check it out!

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