8 Ways to Incorporate Steve’s PaleoGoods Into Recipes

What a delicious care package!
What a delicious care package!

If you follow a primarily whole foods Paleo diet, you know that constantly coming up with new flavors and recipes can become a little tedious. Let’s be real, how many times have you just cooked up some ground beef, threw in some spices and mixed it up with some mashed sweet potato? Probably more times than you can count. But these days, with companies adding so much junk into our food, it is hard to find things that make cooking more convenient and easy but still align with your food principles.

If you are familiar with our brand, you know that it is our mission to bring you the high quality Paleo ingredients you want while making it as easy as possible for you to enjoy them.

Fortunately, the Hybrid Rasta Mama (and her 6 1/2 year old daughter) have made it even easier and came up with a whole list of ways to incorporate our products into new, inventive recipes that will never be boring!

8 Unique Ways To Incorporate Steve’s Paleo Goods Into Recipes

  1. Grab a bag of Paleo Krunch and create a nutritious, protein packed cookie! There are so many flavors to choose from (Apple Pie, Pumpkin, Maple Bacon and more) which means you will never run out of flavor combination ideas. I will have to post the allergen-free paleo recipe I created in the near future but if you google “Granola Cookie,” you shouldn’t have an issue finding a recipe to try.
  2. Fancy up tuna salad, chicken salad, or egg salad with any of Steve’s Paleo Goods Dressings. I tend to make these three items the same way every time, sticking with a basic mayo “dressing.” Lemon Herb Tomato tuna salad would be divine and egg salad would just pop with it as well. I used the Maple Mustard mixed into chicken salad and it was amazing! Whether you put these onto a bed of lettuce or on top of some warm paleo sourdough (yes, there is such a thing – recipe coming in a few weeks), any of these “salads” would impress with the with the mouthwatering line up of Paleo friendly dressings….
  3. Flavor your home brewed Kombucha (or water kefir) with their awesome assortment of dried fruits. You can use their dried apples to make Apple Pie Kombucha. Their blueberries, mangoes, and even cranberries can be added to a second ferment to jazz things up. Since I received strawberries in my care package, I made some strawberry lime kombucha and it was out of this world! I personally was thrilled to see dried mulberries in their product line up and cannot wait to create a mulberry infused Kombucha.
  4. Get ready to be blown away by a Paleostix quiche! Yep – this is exactly what it sounds like. Throw some bite sized pieces of any flavor Paleostix into your favorite quiche recipe and watch your taste buds come alive. I know it sounds a little unconventional but it actually works and tastes incredible to boot. Alternatively, you can make those cute little quiche muffins with paleostixs as well.
  5. You can add their nut butter to your scrambled eggs. I’m totally serious here. My favorite scrambled egg recipe is my “no oat oatmeal.” The taste and even the texture is pretty similar to traditional oatmeal. I haven’t published the recipe on my blog – yet. But if you are dying to try it, you can find it here 
  6. Add the dried fruit to salads. Honestly, I love nothing better than a savory salad with a little dried fruit to add some sweetness. I never remember to do this until after I have already eaten the salad! I used the dried strawberries on a very simple spinach and bacon salad and it really made it come alive.
  7. Fortify a paleo-friendly muffin recipe with Paleo Nutbutter and Coconut Oil. The nutbutter selection looks divine and of course you know I love anything related to coconut oil. What a nutritious match made in heaven!
  8. Kick your sautéed veggies up a notch with the Smoky Spice blend. There is nothing I love more than some basic sautéed veggies but they do get pretty boring after a while. This Smoky Spice blend would absolutely take veggies from bland and boring to party in my mouth status.

Ok – so now you have MY take on what you can do with all the offerings found at Steve’s Paleo Goods. But what did my sweet 6 ½ year old come up with?

6 Things You Can Do With PaleoKrunch Cereal or Paleo Bars

  1. Keep it in your mama’s purse or backpack for times when you get super hungry or the long drive is boring and your mama forgot to bring stuff to do. When you get bored you can eat Steve’s food but don’t eat all the time because you are bored. My mama says that leads to problems with the foods having a relationship with you. (What she means by this is based on our discussion of our relationship with food and what is considered a healthy versus unhealthy relationship.)
  2. Get a bunch of packs of the different flavors of all the food so there is variety and give them to a new mama. New mama’s have to make a lot of milk for their babies and they get really hungry. This is a really good snack to eat. Not cupcakes. They might make tasty milk for the baby but it will be loaded with sugar.
  3. If you see a wild animal while you are hiking, throw a little to them so they get distracted and don’t get any ideas about chasing or eating you. (This is my personal favorite and the #1 reason I will keep PaleoKrunch on my person at all times. Out here in the desert we never know when a ferocious jackrabbit will try to eat us!)
  4. When you are telling people why GMOs are bad and why gluten can cause problems in your gut, give them a bar so they can see that food without chemicals and gluten can still taste really yummy.
  5. If you have to fly somewhere on a plane or if you take a trip on a train, bring the bars along or even the cereal but you will have to eat it dry. The plane only serves peanuts and sometimes pretzels but if you are really hungry then the bar is a much better idea. You don’t know where those peanuts or pretzels have been anyway. (Silly peanuts and pretzels – out cavorting in places unknown).
  6. The most important thing you can do with the cereal and the bars is just eat them. Sit down and eat them. Take your time and enjoy the flavors because they are really delicious and refreshing after you have been hungry. Super refreshing.

If you would like to give Steve’s Paleo Goods a try, now is the time. You have until 10/14/15 to enter code ‘hybrid’ at check out to receive 10% off your purchases. Stock up on ALL THE THINGS! You will thank me later….

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