What’s Our Mission?

“Help as many people as possible eat better food and live a better life.”

That’s our mission statement at Steve’s PaleoGoods.

Not many words and not a lot of hype, just like the food we make here in New Jersey and ship around the United States and the world. Because we’re not about hype. It doesn’t taste good and it doesn’t fill you up.

I started Steve’s ten years ago in the kitchen with my wife Kristen, just trying to create some healthy promethazine for hungry kids. And that’s still what we do today, but with many more ovens and a whole staff of workers like Lucas because we believe wholeheartedly in our mission and bringing it to the world.

But let’s break down that mission statement and really think about it:

  1. Help as many people as possible.

We moved out of our home kitchen because there we could only help a handful. But no matter how our production grows, we only expand a product or a line when it means we can help more people. Not sell, help. As word of our awesome products grow, so does our ability to help more kids at Steve’s Clubs around the nation.

Remember, 15% of your purchase goes towards Steve’s Clubs. Buy your PaleoKrunch and your ProteinKrunch knowing that your purchase is going toward a good cause. (And ShareBars double that good cause! Order a box of those and we’ll give a box to kids in need!)

  1. Eat better food.

We’re all trying to select better food for our bodies. But this is a busy world and we at Steve’s know how easy it is to make the quick choice and grab something processed or ready just beause it’s there. So we’re trying to make it easier for you to make a good choice when it comes to food.

  • Order some PaleoJerky and toss it in your office desk drawer for a great mid-afternoon snack.
  • Stop buying sugar-laden grill sauces at the supermarket. Order the PaleoChef Sauce Sampler and you can grill all summer long without getting more sugar slipped into your diet by the big food companies.
  • Toss some delicious Dried Fruit into your kid’s backpack.
  1. And live a better life.

That’s the holy grail, right? No matter whether you were raised on the back roads of Kentucky or the inner city streets of Camden, if you’ve got the American spirit deep in your blood, you’re trying to live a better life. Here’s at Steve’s, we think that American dream starts in the gym because we agree with the CrossFit founder Greg Glassman when he says, ”Virtues are best and most easily taught in the gym.”

Think about that. Virtues are best taught in the gym. In the gym, we learn:

  • Hard work
  • Persistence
  • Resilience
  • Not to cheat
  • Camaraderie

All those factors help to build character, which is the building block of a better life. And we want to help as many people live better lives as possibly can so we want them in the gym!

Help as many people as possible eat better food and live a better life. That’s what we’re trying to do here at Steve’s PaleoGoods. Thanks for reading and for helping us help the world.

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