5 Foods I Eat Every Day.

They say our habits make us or break us, particularly when it comes to nutrition, and I think that’s true.

You either build a solid foundation that you can rely on for your daily nutrient needs or you eat haphazardly, grabbing this quick thing here or that processed thing there, driven by convenience and availability. The former is a recipe for success for your health and your performance in the gym, but the latter is the path to disease and a shortened life span. And nobody wants that.

But we know that life is busy and our jobs and families take time, so it’s important to plan ahead and get some basic healthy nutrient blocks into your plan every week. On some weeks, I’ve got everything planned out and we nail our nutrition perfectly in our family … and some weeks don’t go quite as well but we do okay. That’s life.

Still, there are five foods I eat every week and you might want to think about eating them, too. Let me tell you the what and the why:

Eggs: I eat eggs several times a week. They’re a great breakfast food, as well as a healthy source of fat and protein. I don’t eat just the egg whites. I eat the whole egg with our sriracha on top and some mixed peppers. Delicious!

Spinach: You have to get your greens in. Once a day, I make a salad with spinach, spring mix, salad fixings, and extra virgin olive oil (I only use Kasadrino’s because it’s the best).

Grassfed Beef: I don’t just sell our sustainably-sources grassfed beef, I eat it too. Once per week I eat grassfed ground beef and once per week I eat grassfed steak.

Salmon: If you want to stay healthy, you need to get your Omega 3 fatty acids, and salmon is one of the best ways to do so. Read about the health benefits of eating salmon, then order it the easy way here.

Dark Chocolate: Because man does not live on eggs, spinach, grassfed beef and salmon alone! A slight indulgence with great side benefits, I really enjoy our dark chocolate without gluten, dairy, processed added sugar or artificial preservatives. Just three ingredients: organic cocoa mass (ground roasted cacao bean), honey, and organic cocoa butter. One block of this and you’ll be smiling.

Now these aren’t superfoods that will make you live forever, but they’re healthy parts of a well-rounded nutritional plan. What are five foods you eat every week? Tell us: we’d like to know!

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