Small Businesses: The Backbone of the American Economy

When you think of a small business, what pops into your mind? 

  • A gym?  
  • A barbershop?  
  • Maybe a breakfast place on Main Street?  

Or did you think of a small business jeweler on Etsy? Or did you think about … us? 

Yes, Steve’s PaleoGoods is a small business, just like over 28 million small businesses in the United States. We are located in New Jersey, but we ship all over. Our products are also in a variety of supermarkets, including Whole Foods in several states. 

Why am I telling you this?  

Because #smallbusinesssaturday is here again this year, and I don’t want you to forget about us and the other small businesses out there. With all the big companies and the proliferation of large-scale conglomerates (hello, Amazon), it’s important to remember the American dream and the millions of lives trying to live it.  

Every day, we open the doors at Steve’s PaleoGoods and our employees from all walks of life do their best to make and ship wholesome, quality food to our customers. People like Maria and Joey and Carmen and Hajj. Most days, I feel like a proud papa, watching the effort that goes on at SPG headquarters.  

Many of you know that I grew up the son of a small businessman, watching my dad work hard for his family. Now I do my best to make not only my old man proud, but also this community that we’ve all built together, including at-risk kids who need a chance to learn and do better. I bet a good number of you reading these words right now also work at or own small businesses, so you know what I’m talking about! 

So, this Saturday, when you’re doing your shopping, remember us here at Steve’s PaleoGoods and order:  

Get real food made from real food delivered to your doorstep, and support a small business at the same time. It’ll feel good. 

Remember, your support helps keep the doors open on a small business, helps hard workers support their families, and 15% of your purchase helps Steve’s Club support at-risk youth in their communities.  

Small Business Saturday: keeping the mom-and-pop stores going in their communities. That’s pretty awesome. Let’s support all the small businesses we can! Thank you! 

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