The WHY behind Steve’s PaleoGoods

Ricky is 13 and has been working out with Steve's Club for one year. He loves the new Maple Sweet Potato PaleoKrunch Bar. The next 500 orders will receive TWO free! One for you and one for a friend.
Ricky is 13 and has been working out with Steve’s Club for one year. He loves the new Maple Sweet Potato PaleoKrunch Bar. The next 500 orders will receive TWO free! One for you and one for a friend.

Steve’s Club National Program serves youth from disadvantaged backgrounds in 30 locations around the country. The concept is simple—for a few hours each week the kids come together to improve their lives through fitness, nutrition and mentorship. After school, they can go to their Local Club where they interact with positive influences instead of being exposed to drugs, gangs and violence.

“I live in a neighborhood where guns are on every corner and drugs are stress relievers,” said Fredy from Steve’s Club Camden, the very first Local Club. “The program keeps me off the street and has helped me become physically and mentally tough.”

A strong healthy body starts in the mind. The kids return to their community as positive forces and recruit more kids to the program. It’s a wonderful cycle of support that starts with YOU. Each purchase changes lives–15% of all proceeds go to SCNP. In 2015, SCNP served 1,000 kids nationwide in 30 Local Clubs.

The best part? Our movement has only just begun! We are looking to serve MORE kids through MORE support. We can’t build a nation of future leaders alone. The reach of SCNP has grown in a short amount of time, and we thank you for helping us since day one.

Nearly a decade ago, Steve was working for his father’s exterminating business, but his real passion was nutrition and fitness. After getting to know some young teens on his regular route, he invited them to workout in a local park. Steve could see their recreational options were slim in their dangerous Camden City neighborhood.

Before long, Steve had a group of kids he trained regularly with whatever equipment he could fit in the trunk of his car. Passionate about the paleo diet, Steve wanted to provide a nutritious lunch for his young athletes that they could eat at school. So he packaged beef jerky, nuts and berries to stay fresh in their backpack. And the PaleoKit was born.

Knowing he had stumbled upon a solution for paleo dieters, Steve started selling PaleoKits online. Since that day, thousands have made Steve’s PaleoGoods their favorite on-the-go paleo options, and Steve opened a gym at his headquarters. Even though Steve is not training kids in the park anymore, he still has the same goal of strengthening the community—one kid at a time.

Every day after school, athletes pour into Steve’s Club Camden to do CrossFit. Located at the Steve’s PaleoGoods headquarters, Steve still coaches all the classes himself. The kids lift weights, jump on boxes, climb ropes and do pull ups–as a way to pull out of the perils of street life.

“I would have never known what I was capable of doing if I was still on the street,” said Xaiver from Steve’s Club Camden. “Thanks to Steve, I didn’t go down a bad path like so many others I know.

The initial club in Camden was so successful, we took it nationwide! SCNP provides the framework to easily set up and manage each Local Club with little administrative hassle. Our team has done the legal legwork, so each Local Club leader can simply share a passion for fitness with kids who need a positive influence.

“Even though we compete at Steve’s Club, no one ever loses,” said 17-year old Noah. “Even the person with the longest times or fewest reps is still winning because they are making themselves better.”

If you own a gym, you have the space, but what if you don’t have the time to run a Local Club? You can consider asking someone on your staff to serve as the Volunteer Leader of a Local Club at your location. Many Local Clubs don’t have a permanent home, but rather travel to parks, community centers, churches, schools and Boys and Girls Clubs. Many have had great success by partnering with an established non-profit in the community already serving at-risk youth.

“It wasn’t until I found Steve’s Club that I realized fitness is not about looking in the mirror,” said Roberto from Steve’s Club Nashville. “It’s not about being the biggest, baddest dude. The program has taught me about team work and confidence.”

An easy way to make an impact is to make a monetary donation to SCNP. Just $75 provides three months of fitness, nutrition and mentorship to an at-risk youth. Visit to learn more about how you can make a difference by starting a Local Club of your own. Thank you for helping us strengthen a nation, one kid at a time.

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