It’s Almost Paleo Christmas

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Gianna, Leo and Dominic

The BIG DAY is not tomorrow but the next day. My three kids are buzzing, my wife is wrapping, and I may or not be sneaking out for some last minute gifts. My oldest Dominic is hoping Santa turns our living room into LEGO Land, while my daughter Gianna wants everything Frozen even though the NJ weather forecast is 70 for Christmas Day. My littlest Leo is too young to ask for much besides Dried Blueberries, but he sure will be happy to rip open some new toys.

While I like seeing the joy on their faces, every year it’s a bit overwhelming for me. The kids get so much I sit back and wonder how they can appreciate it all? Kristen and I attempt to limit the gluttony, but there’s no stopping our huge extended family from spoiling the Little Liberatis, and to be honest, I don’t have the heart to limit their generosity.

But the kid’s sugar intake? I do my best to limit that. I can see a change in their attention spans and cranky moods with increased non paleo treats. I do allow them the occasional splurge, but watching the sugar train wreck circling the Christmas tree is not one of my favorite traditions.

But working out with my second family on Christmas Eve is! The athletes of Steve’s Club will pour into our gym tomorrow at 4pm to get their sweat on. For them, it’s like any other day. Of course they spend the holiday with their families enjoying gifts, food and cheer, but they don’t seem to get wrapped up in the hype like the of the world’s gift wrappers. I admire that.

Their workout routines don’t stop for holiday prep, the kids find a way to get to Steve’s Club. Many of them walk every step of 3-4 miles each weekday just to get their sweat on. They are an inspiration. I’ve been training these guys since 2007, and year after year, they continue to make me a better coach and athlete.

As we celebrate the beginning of 2016, we enter our 9th year. What started out as one club in Camden is now a national network, 30 Local Clubs deep. Most are associated with CrossFit gyms and a few are located in schools or community centers. These Local Clubs make magic happen. Steve’s Club National Program provides the framework so they can operate as a non-profit entity, so there’s more time to focus on what really matters. The kids.

Know that your support of Steve’s PaleoGoods helps the kids too! 15% of all purchases both online and in store go directly to support at-risk youth through Steve’s Club. It’s our mission to help all of our customers Eat Good, Do Good while we strive to innovate and produce the most deliciously clean paleo snacks on the market.

Happy Holidays from my family to yours,

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