The Cleanest Paleo & Keto-Friendly Jerky on the Market.

The team at Steve’s is proud to make the best Jerky in the world. We start with whole meat cuts of high quality beef and make everything by hand. Jerky is what we founded our company on. And while much has changed since 2006 when Steve and his wife Kristen smoked jerky in their kitchen, many things will always remain exactly the same.


Snazzy colorful labels and buzzwords on the packaging are not an indicator of what’s inside a package. The true test of a quality jerky begins with ingredients. Checking the deck will clue you in to what’s REALLY in your jerky.

In order to use the word JERKY in an ingredient deck, the product must be made from a whole cut of meat. Think of the difference between a steak and hamburger. A hamburger is absolutely NOT a steak. If jerky is made from ground beef, it’s illegal to call it “jerky.” If you check the deck and don’t see the word “jerky,” it’s probably a “chopped-and-formed” product. And if the word jerky is on the front of the package and not on the back, you’re dealing with a company that wants you to think you’re eating something you’re not.


We believe in the handcrafted difference, and will never use machinery or low quality cuts of meat to save on the bottom line. Crafted by hand, cured for days and slowly smoked to perfection for the most fluconazole result, we start our jerky with high quality whole muscle cuts of beef. Naturally curing our meat for long periods of time adds to the flavor and eliminates chemicals and automated tumbling.

Chopped-and-formed products begin by grinding hamburger-like meat into paste. The paste is then machine-forced into strips of square-like shapes. This automated process greatly reduces the protein content. When meat is processed by tumbling, grinding and blending various parts, the moisture level increases, protein loss intensifies and the full profile of aminos and omegas degrades. Start off with a piece of raw meat that has 30g of protein per 3oz, and after chopping and processing, you might be left with half the original protein content at best.


Meat and spices is all you will find in our Jerky. We will never add preservatives, sugar, soy or starch. The vacuum packed seal on our paleo & keto-friendly jerky holds in juices while keeping air out. When you start with high quality cuts of whole muscle meat, all you need is a little spice and a slow roast to achieve jerky perfection!

Other companies are more scrupulous in their marketing tactics. A leading meat snack in retail stores is a chopped and formed product, claims to be jerky on the front of the package but the ingredient deck tells another tale. Most shocking is the second ingredient listed just after the meat: CANE SUGAR. If your meat snack contains more sugar than spice, then it’s no better than a candy bar, and should not be a part of your paleo or keto diet.


Chopped and formed products are often mistakenly considered the same as true muscle-cut jerky, but they are far from the real deal. At Steve’s, we believe in eating food as close to its natural state as possible. Chopped-and-formed products are simply a modern shortcut that compromises the integrity of your protein. When you’re paying for protein, that’s what you want. Check out our artisan line of Jerky today, and be protein prepared when hunger strikes!