The Future of Steve’s Club Camden.

If you have been following our little tale you know we have bounced around locations quite a number of times since Steve’s Club initially started in a small room of a community center in North Camden several years back. After relocating around the city of Camden more times than we could count, desperately trying to find space to keep the club going where kids could continue to train, it wasn’t until about a year into running the club that we found a home to call our own on the border of Pennsauken and Camden.

The space shared with CrossFit Tribe was away from the craziness of Camden, yet close enough for most of our athletes to walk or ride a bike to club. We occupied this place for a year before moving down the street in an industrial spot big enough to accommodate the growth of the two gyms.

We have been at the industrial warehouse we’re currently in for the last 2 years and come this August in 2012 our lease is up. After much thought about our next move and the future of Steve’s Club, I have decided the next move is to bring Steve’s Club back to Camden.

Thankfully we have been fortunate to have worked with a lot of kids whom many walk or ride their bikes at least 2 miles back and forth to club everyday. Of course this says a ton about their motivation and commitment to find a way to get to the Steve’s Club everyday despite being located outside the city limits.

By moving Steve’s Club back to Camden, we’ll be able to reach many more kids and give them the opportunity to experience this wonderful community and all that we have to offer to help positively influence the lives of these young teen’s desperately in need of guidance, structure, self belonging, and something they enjoy doing and are proud to be part of.

Although it will take some time before all this happens, I wanted to share my vision with our supporters and readers of our blog.

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