Steve’s Club athlete, Jose Santiago

Tell me something that is important to you and your experience at Steve’s Club and CrossFit.

“One thing I feel that is very important to me is God and doing what’s right. Many times I can feel that something is needed in my life and with God, Steve’s Club, CrossFit, and my family, everything feels complete. Sometimes I would have to fast, and by having the nutrition I learned in Steve’s Club it helps a lot. My life can now easily be put in 3 words – focused, motivated, listener. I’m focused in one way because I stay on track with what I have to do, whether it’s learning a technique in the gym or keep going to school. Motivated because I now go after the things I need without doubting myself anymore. And as a listener, I now have so much advice in my life I can write a book. Whether it was coming from my family, Steve’s Club, or a stranger, I always try to listen.”   – Jose Santiago, Steve’s Club athlete 

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