Happy Holidays

When I’m traveling on business or vacation, I always do my best to keep my 4 times a week workout schedule but it can be very hard at times. When I’m with the family, I try to get my kids in on the action. Playing a hockey game with my son Dominic for 45 minutes can really turn into some great cardio or practicing gymnastics with my 5 year old daughter downstairs in the basement at my home (my flexibility is terrible these days!)  But movement is movement. My advice to you is to try to sneak some movement and stretching (I really need to take my own advice on this one) into your busy holiday season. You will thank yourself for it come New Year!

20130204-stevesclub064-2-2The kids who come to Steve’s Club everyday rarely skip workouts. Even those who have to walk every step of the way to the club on rainy-snowy days inspire me with their diligence. We are closed on the weekends and holidays, but if we were open, I know they would be there.

Shifting gears to Steve’s PaleoGoods, our little food company will celebrate it’s ninth anniversary in 2017. It’s not work when you do what you love! To think we have been innovating on-the-go paleo products and using 15% of the proceeds to train at-risk youth through Steve’s Club National Program for over a decade is humbling. And while the landscape of our business continually changes, one thing does not. YOUR SUPPORT. For that, I sincerely thank you.

Know that with each purchase you make, you are giving the teenagers we serve an alternative to the harsh streets they were born into. Fitness and nutrition give them a positive outlet. As they gain strength, they gain confidence. It’s a transformation I never get tired of watching, and I am lucky to be a part of it.

I promise to keep training my little Steve’s Club family even on the busy days. I don’t forget for one minute the people who allow me to live a life I love. As I celebrate the holidays, I also celebrate my company’s #1 asset. My customers.

I love hearing from you. Please write me at anytime at [email protected]. When I write back, please ask me if I’m “the real Steve.” (Yes, I really answer every email myself…)

I sincerely wish you and yours a happy, healthy and safe holiday, and again, thank you for your continued support.

Steve working with Elli