Commitment: The One Ingredient You Desperately Need

There’s one factor that separates the successful from those who keep failing: full and total commitment.

No matter what you’re doing, success is often just shy of OCD. (Sorry, OCD sufferers–trying to make a point here.) If you want to succeed at anything, be it fat loss or strength gains or just getting one decent heavy front squat, the biggest factor in that success is whether you will totally and wholly commit.

Without crucial commitment to the process, to what you’ve decided to do, to what you’re doing, you are not likely to succeed.

So stop half-assing things.

Fully commit to your new way. Do it now.

Whatever you did before? You need to forget that for now. It didn’t work. That’s why you’re here. (Think about that for a moment. If your old way worked, you wouldn’t have looked for a new one. This applies to pretty much anything you’re facing in life, and it applies also to your nutrition and your fitness.)

So why are you still leaning back towards your old ways? Why are you still arguing for them?

  • Could be fear
  • Could be an uncomfortable feeling towards change
  • Could be your own self-sabotaging nature

(When you think about it, though, almost nobody really likes change; it’s just that some people adapt better to it.)

Deciding to change and then not fully embracing your path for change is like having a new lover and going back to the old one for booty calls. Remember, you kicked the old one to the side for a reason. That relationship didn’t work, so if you find yourself knocking on somebody’s door when you’re lonely, there’s only one thing to do: Stop it.

You can’t change if you don’t commit to changing.  9n9a9547

Did you watch the 2010 CrossFit Games? I did, in that stadium, along with a thousand or so people. (CrossFit wasn’t very big then.) Rich Froning had first place won and then he lost it because he couldn’t climb a rope well. We watched as he hit that ground with a sickening thud. Not a pretty sight. He could have given up after that year, and said, “2nd? That’s pretty good!”

But he didn’t. He committed to changing and improving. Over the course of the next year, Froning learned to climb the rope really well and he came back and won the Games in 2011.

The difference? Mindset and dedication. Close wasn’t good enough for Rich Froning. What he had done in preparation wasn’t totally working, so he committed to changing something, and then he succeeded. The history of sports is rife with stories just like that one: people who make up their minds to decide to win.

Now, you’re not Rich Froning, nor am I. (Surprise!) Most likely, neither of us want to be him. (I would look terrible with that beard.) But we probably both do want happy and healthy lives with kickass bodies and lots of love and fun, right? And that’s why, even if we are not champions in any sport, we need to adopt the mindset of what makes champions: commitment.

So, if you’re on the fence about how you’re planning to commit to your nutritional goals, stop sitting on the fence. (That’s painful, anyhow. Quit it.) Commit and prepare. Stock your cupboards with Steve’s Steak and More. Lay in a case of PaleoKits. Add some Paleo Sauces. The road to success begins in your house and it begins today. Commit.