Austin Malleolo: October Journeyman of the Month

Name: Austin Malleolo
Affiliate/Location: Albany CrossFit
What is your favorite Steve’s Original product?
The Paleo Kit!
What are some of your notable achievements (CrossFit, athletic background, or even non-athletic)?
New York / New Jersey Sectional 2010 – 3rd place Northeast Regional – 3rd place
2010 CrossFit World Championships – 6th place
What is your overall approach to fitness, nutrition, health, etc.?
My approach is simple yet unique. I believe that health and fitness all start with nutrition and recovery and the work ethic drives everything. Consistency and inner drive is what make an athlete, and it makes me who I am. Smart programming, and listing to my body are my guardrails that govern my volume and intensity.
What are your current fitness and/or nutrition goals?
My overall fitness goals are to get better at all the 10 general physical domains. I am focusing on the Olympic Lifts, as well as over all strength and maintaining my metabolic conditioning and honing in my skills.
How do Steve’s Original products help you in your fitness/nutrition lifestyle?
Steve’s Original products have allowed me to keep my nutrition dialed in and on course when life gets busy and hectic.
Do you have a memorable PaleoKit/Steve’s Original moment?
When traveling to the CrossFit Games, I had 10 plus hours of travel time, and had to stay Palo and I was able to keep my nutrition dialed in and on track
Your Journey:
Getting to where I am today has been from hard work and work ethic. I have been blessed with positive people surrounding me allowing me to peruse my goals daily. I have been through a lot of ups and downs in my life and since I have been CrossFitting, my life has been nothing but positive.
Words to Live By:
CrossFit makes you the best you, you can be. Mental toughness is the essential to success

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