It’s Beautiful!

Fermentation is an act of beauty.

Okay, I know that sounds a little odd but bear with me here. I’m reading this book Traditionally Fermented Food by Shannon Stronger and I’m fascinated by how simple and pure and good the act of fermentation is.

It’s beautiful in simplicity and in production.


Because fermented food is actually an improvement over the original food you had before the fermentation process took place.

Think about that.

A natural process improved what you will eat and stacked it with more vitamins and probiotics. Whaaat?

Lean in here and read what Shannon Stronger has to say about fermentation:

“Fermented foods are as old as food itself. buy aricept online simple biological processes to create food that is both preserved and bettered by the act. In a world in which most of the man-made processes actually degrade the natural goodness of a food or require a great deal of man-made resources to preserve it, fermentation is a refreshing alternative.

The process of fermentation is a simple one. Microorganisms exist everywhere, including on the food we eat and in the air we breathe. Vegetables and grains receive a dose of bacteria from their growth in the soil. Raw dairy products contain a host of beneficial organisms. These can be harnessed by giving them the correct environment in which to flourish. There is a fork in the road that all foods must take. One path leads toward a complete decomposition in which the food returns to the land. The other takes a pit stop, not only preserving itself into something edible but something that is actually good for the human body. This second path is called fermentation …

This process is both beautiful and technical. It is a process that can preserve vegetables and dairy and make bread digestible and light. And it does it all while predigesting the food and adding the enzymes, probiotics and vitamins that make the final fermented product better for the human body than the raw food you began with. It is really quite miraculous.

“The adage ‘Let food be thy medicine’ is revolutionary in times such as this. When more than 90 percent of the food available in supermarkets is more of a toxin than a tonic, you know that we are fighting an uphill battle.

And yet, like so many other things, we need only look backward to find real, lasting solutions. ‘Eat old food,’ I’ve often heard; the things your great-grandmother would have eaten. How many generations will we have to go back before we realize how broken this one is?

Old foods contain a memory of the seed, the soil beneath calloused hands or the face of an animal that was tended. Old food has roots, deeply planted in the traditions of cultures that survived on nothing at all fancy or year-round, but rather simple and seasonal. Old food and its methods were passed down out of the need for survival and nourishment.

Fermented foods are old foods.”

Do you need more convincing? Get yourself some gut shots or kraut and kimchi – heck, make your own kimchi and kraut if that’s what you want to do – but please start eating fermented foods!

This is all far more important than any of us realize. Grab some old foods and let’s get this world back on track with our food sources and our environment.