Fiery Paleo Recipes for Football Season

spicy paleo recipes

It’s already September again and as summer is drawing to a close, football season is just getting started. Whatever your level of involvement may be in these festivities, there are numerous reasons to add a bit of spice to your Paleo diet. For starters, a recent study at Penn State found that a high-fat meal that includes spices produces significantly better insulin results than the same meal without. In addition to disease prevention and metabolism boosting properties, spicing up your food not only adds flavor, but is healthy by all standards. These recipes are spicy and versatile, and are ideal for bringing a high-protein Paleo dish to a party, or for a small dinner with your favorite people.

Spicy & Sticky Paleo Honey Chicken

This Spicy and Sticky Coconut Honey Chicken recipe uses Paleo staples like coconut oil and chicken, with the added spice of as much siracha you can handle. The result is a spicy and thick chicken sauce that is best served Paleo style, over chopped cauliflower or other veggies.

Paleo Spicy Shrimp

Paleo Spicy Shrimp features a combination of ingredients that give it a kick, including red pepper flakes and jalapeno peppers. The spice is tempered with lime, garlic, cilantro, and other ingredients that each contributes to the overall unique flavor.

Spicy Tuna Cakes

From the creative minds at Nom Nom Paleo, the ingredients for Spicy Tuna Cakes are compiled in a muffin tin and are an easy, high-protein snack when complete. This recipe requires another popular Paleo ingredient called ghee, which is a clarified butter that is widely accepted on Paleo.

Paleo Siracha Honey Lime Chicken Skewers

paleo siracha sauce

Another versatile and easy recipe, Siracha Honey Lime Chicken Skewers, takes a basic Paleo ingredient like chicken and adds tons of flavor. Siracha itself is in the midst of peak popularity, since practically every type of food is advertised with the popular siracha sauce. Either way, anyone who appreciates a light and spicy Paleo chicken recipe is sure to love this.

Spicy Paleo Lasagna

This ingenious recipe contributed by Deanna Dorman substitutes sliced zucchini for lasagna noodles, and a ground-cashew mixture for ricotta. The end result is a Paleo-friendly version of lasagna that’s worth trying for the creativity alone.

Paleo Mexican-stuffed Zucchini Boats

Ideal for any occasion, Paleo Mexican-stuffed Zucchini Boats are easy, quick, and clever. Zucchini forms the structure in this, as in many other Paleo recipes. Other variations of Paleo Zucchini Boats include pizza-stuffed and curry style, and each can be made spicy by adding jalapenos or a hot Paleo sauce of your choosing.

Spice It Up with Steve’s Paleo Goods

paleo sauces

Although many sauces contain extra sugar or preservatives that render them non-Paleo, spicy Paleo sauces like Extra Hot Buffalo, and Paleo Siracha can turn a mediocre snack into a phenomenal one. Furthermore, a large amount of the Paleo diet involves vegetables, so various peppers can be used and experimented with in your favorite recipes to find the combination of spices that’s best for you. Check out all of Steve’s Paleo sauces and  Paleo Chef recipes as you set your party plans for this year’s football season.