Why Your Gut Health Matters Now More than Ever!

In times where we are deprived of so many things, the one thing we can control of what is being deprived from it is our nutrition. Build up your body’s natural defense by adding a serving of probiotics to your diet every day. Why not just take a probiotic capsule? They have unnecessary ingredients you don’t need or want in your body and you are often not able absorb the full benefits of the capsule before it is passed through.  Probiotics occur naturally and can be found in our entire line of Krauts. That’s right, you can just eat real food!  It tastes better and is less expensive than supplements! We make a flavor for everyone. 

Adding a serving of probiotics to breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

For Breakfast– Try this: Upgraded *Gut Healthy* Avocado Toast

For Lunch– Try this: Chickpea Kraut Salad Wrap

For Dinner– Try this: Kimchi Cauliflower Fried Rice (BIG FLAVOR!)

History Lesson of the Day:

Although sauerkraut- German for “sour cabbage”- is thought of as a German invention, Chinese laborers building the Great Wall of China over 2,000 years ago ate it as standard fare. Chinese sauerkraut was made from shredded cabbage fermented in rice wine.

It was most likely it was brought to Europe 1000 years later by Gengis Kahn. 

In Germany, instead of using the wine they dry cured it by sprinkling salt on the shredded cabbage. The water is then drawn out of the cabbage to make the juice that you see that accompanies the kraut. In Germany, sauerkraut is eaten both warm and cold as a side dish, often in place of a salad and as the only vegetable served.  Sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and some form of meat are the stereotypical serving. 

Not everyone, of course, likes sauerkraut. But that may be because today, at least, few people have tasted the honest, freshly fermented version. Rather, the only sauerkraut most know is the overly acidic, decidedly lifeless, cooked and canned variety. (Read more HERE)

Steve’s Pro Tip– Don’t cook your kraut. This will quickly kill the probiotics that thrive in the cold! 

You can find our complete line of Krauts and Kimchi HERE. My favorite flavor is our Carolina Kraut which goes great with BBQ fare like ribs, pulled pork and brisket.