Weekly CrossFit Workout with Juli Bauer

You’ve heard the saying “Put good in, get good out” before, right?  We wholeheartedly believe it, which is why we here at Steve’s PaleoGoods are committed to bringing you the cleanest, healthiest and tastiest Paleo fuel for your body so that when it comes time to get your workout in, you’re able to give it all you’ve got.  

Our dear friend, Juli Bauer from PaleOMG, is no stranger to either.  She’s amazing at creating amazingly delicious Paleo recipes and just in case you didn’t know, she’s an avid CrossFitter (she coaches and has competed too)!  Juli has begun sharing her weekly CrossFit workouts with her followers and they are great!  Click the picture below to check out her entire selection of Weekly Workouts 🙂

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