Five Ways To Make Your Paleo Life Delicious

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Just Eat Real Food.

Eating real food on-the-go can be hard at first. Prepping and packing for meal time and snacking is a foreign concept for many. Why not just stop at the Wawa or super size at the drive thru? There are a few healthy-ish options. The bottom line is: if you don’t make it yourself or buy it from someone you trust, you just don’t know what’s in pre packaged food or how the ingredients have been sourced and prepared.

This is popular advice, but what does it really mean? There are certainly many pre packaged dips, bakery cakes and processed lunch meats that can be found on the perimeter containing non-paleo ingredients, so the advice can’t be taken literally.

Whole single-ingredient foods are also found on the perimeter of the store, which is where this advice comes from. Vegetables. Fruit. Meat. Eggs. Load the cart up with items you can be proud to check out with and half the battle is won. Cutting out processed items wakes up your tastebuds. It might take a few weeks to adjust but soon all of your food will just taste different. For the better.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 9.13.14 AMJust because it’s healthy does not mean it should be boring. Eat baked chicken and steamed broccoli everyday and you won’t be paleo for long. Celebrate your food by taking time to plan before you start to prep. There are thousands of internet resources where you can find paleo makeovers of your favorite recipes.

We can also help with our complete line of PaleoChef sauces. There’s something for every taste! Just because you’ve given up sugar doesn’t mean you have to give up Ketchup, Steak Sauce or Maple mustard. Get creative and toss some PaleoKrunch or Dried Cranberries into that summer salad. If you love the way your food tastes, you will be satisfied AND healthy.

No one ever gets mad when someone shows with a covered dish! If you are worried about options at a friend’s house or upcoming family party, make and take your own with some to share. Be careful not to preach–no one likes the Paleo police. Simply be excited about clean eating and share that excitement with those around you. Having a small snack before you show up anywhere is also a great strategy to remain committed to clean eating.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.22.44 AMIf something works, don’t break it. Find your favorites and make sure you’ve always got the ingredients on hand. Be careful not to over do it on any one thing, but chances are, if you have a good choice available you won’t make a bad one. My fast go-to is a pack of Old School Original PaleoStix and an apple. It’s a balanced meal and it can travel with me anywhere! My cooked go to is ground turkey prepared with mushrooms, asparagus onions and adobo. I try to keep a huge container of it in my fridge at all times. When I fry a few eggs to perch atop this turkey mash my husband thinks I’m a rock star. It’s our version of comfort food.


E-Crespo works on all things E-Commerce at Steve's PaleoGoods and owns CrossFit 1Force in New Jersey.
E-Crespo works on all things E-Commerce at Steve’s PaleoGoods and owns CrossFit 1Force in New Jersey.

Celebrate your love of food with the food you love. Grab a grass-fed ribeye from Whole Foods and toss a fresh spinach salad on a Friday night. If it’s seafood you like, source some quality fish with steamed clams for an appetizer. These restaurant favorites are easy to make and cost a fraction of what they would dining out. So dine in! When you are in the mood for something nice, make your meal an occasion. Good nutrition does not have to be a deprivation. Taking the time to source, prepare and enjoy your food is a gift that will pay a lifetime of dividends.