Oh no not a cleanse story!

A cleanse.

Did you roll your eyes? Yeah, me too.

Usually, when people talk about how they’re doing “a cleanse”, I check out, of the conversation and start working on my to-do list in my head. I don’t have the time to hear how their special diet of water and cayenne pepper and lemon is going to “flush out the toxins” and make everything great in their body again.

It seems like wishful thinking, right?

Our bodies are amazingly smart, efficient machines. Anything you eat or drink is filtered by your liver. It decides when nutrients should be stored and when they should be released back into your blood, breaks down fats, and ushers toxins out of your body in the form of urine and stools, among other functions.

I was never sure why anyone thought they needed to rest the liver or do its job for it, so cleanses just didn’t make sense to me.

“Eat better food,” I thought, “Eat whole foods with minimal processing and simple preparation. Treat your body well. Make your liver happy!”

And that’s why I decided that a Keto Cleanse makes sense.

Keto Cleanse

Huh? What?

Let me explain. The Keto Cleanse is simply a term for a Power Gut Shot regimen that will help your liver (and all your digestive organs) do their jobs. We’re not recommending you give up eating or drink only some weird concoction that you have to haul around all day with you. In fact, we want you eat a healthy diet while you’re doing the Keto Cleanse.

What we want to help you do is get your body used to doing Keto (if that’s your choice) and help you get the greens and nutrients that you might be missing out on when you’re not eating many carbs. Add the incredible effect of natural fermentation and all its associated gut health benefits, and this is an easy win in the nutrition and digestion category.

If you’re going to do Keto, do it right and give our Keto Cleanse a try. But don’t bend anybody’s ear with your cleanse story unless they ask to hear it! ????

PS  The program is detailed under the product description on our site HERE. Please keep in mind the Keto Cleanse program includes our newly released 8 oz bottles (4 shots per bottle).