It’s a Hard Life … But Here’s Why That’s Okay!


Do you ever dream about what it would be like to do easy?

You know, like a slow workout. Something at a leisurely pace: no intensity, nothing heavy. A good deal of resting, maybe with several water breaks.

I imagine a slow heartbeat, a mellow mood, total relaxation—like yoga with a beer or a pina colada. Doesn’t that sound just a little bit dreamy?

For a second.

Then it sounds horrible. Boring. Slow. And a bit sad, not to mention kind of unproductive.

We wouldn’t like it much because that’s not how we’re made. You and I — we’re cut from a different cloth. We like:

  • Hard over easy
  • Snatches over curls
  • Sprinting over jogging
  • Pain over numbness
  • Accomplishment over avoidance
  • Doing over waiting
  • Persevering over quitting
  • Eating clean over eating garbage
  • Feeling alive over living half-dead and barely breathing on the Couch of Life

Inactivity and junk are not the path to getting the fitness we want, the bodies we want, the love we want, the lives we want.

That easy stuff is not for us.

Because although we all have some small part of our brain that fantasizes about Easy Street, we know we don’t like to live there, and we rarely even visit. We know we have to work to get what we want. We live this philosophy, we breathe it, and we teach it to our kids and preach it to pretty much anyone who will listen.

Hence, the real problem we face is how to keep our pace. Folks like us have a tendency to burn out if we’re not careful. We push so hard that we redline and then we explode.

And that’s why we have to learn to pull back on our own throttle. Rest when we can, rejuvenate regularly, and keep good food handy like Paleo Protein Bars. (Have you tried the Bacon, Eggs, and Coffee flavor? Yum! Or the Everything Bagel?)

When the holidays arrive (and all their associated extra activity and stress), it’s more important than ever that we take care of ourselves. So, schedule some downtime, relax a little, but eat right whenever you can, keep exercising, and chuckle every chance you can. (Is it time for “Christmas with the Kranks” yet? Who’s got a holiday ham?)

Remember: we appreciate hard work, but we also want to live long lives! Take care of yourself and (in the words of Bruce Springsteen): “Stay hard, stay hungry, stay alive, if you can. And meet me in a dream of this hard land.”