Is It Time to Settle In for the Long Haul?

Folks, it might be time to settle in for the long haul … in this pandemic life and in your nutrition.

Up until now, I think we all might have harbored some hope that we could turn a corner and things would be like they were before this pandemic. Just a quick U-turn and we’d all be back to life as usual:

  •    Going into work
  •    Hanging out at the gym with our buddies
  •    Crowding into a packed restaurant 
  •    And attending sporting events again.

Man, I know I was really looking forward to spring baseball with my kids. 

But the truth is that, even if you are heading out of shelter in place now or next week or next month, the world is significantly changed for a while. 

This eating at home and staying close to your family is going to last a while, even after stores and restaurants open up again. The whole temperature-taking, mask-wearing ritual (and thoughts about “Am I going to catch the virus?”) might dampen our enthusiasm about going out, at least for the foreseeable future. And other than the companies and individuals who will be negatively affected, maybe it’s not such a bad thing. 

Focusing on the basic elements of our lives (including nutrition and fitness) is a really positive thing to do. And now we get an extended period to really set those good habits and lean into who we can be when we’re healthy and doing the right things, not just the easy things.

I know you’re probably already leaning in a better performance direction because you’re reading a newsletter from a guy named Steve who preaches about clean living and runs a small business in South Jersey (not to be confused with North Jersey!) that bakes, cooks and ships food with no junk in it so people can eat healthier.  

So, settle in, stock up on some healthy snacks – and keep that garage gym groove going. (Feels good, right?) Keep your family close and keep doing good deeds. I promise things will get better. 

Pro tip of the week: If you’re looking to shed a few extra quarantine pounds try power walking everyday for 20 minutes in the morning on an emply stomach (you can have a little coffee to kick start your metabolism). Bobybuilders have been doing this trick for years to help them get extra lean in the weeks leading up to their competition. Of course, you need to continue to eat clean and exercise/move a few days a week, but this is a great way to shed a few unwanted pounds you may have accumulated over the last few weeks. No equipment or gym membership needed!