I changed my mind about keto

A few years ago, I said this about keto:

“It’s a short-term tool, not a long-term plan for performance and health.”

I’ve since updated my thinking about keto and begun offering an entire line of keto-friendly snacks (with more on the way).

So what changed? 

  • Turns out going keto reduces cravings. It’s one of the few restricted diets where people don’t feel hungry all the time.
  • You don’t need to intentionally restrict calories, only carbs, to lose weight. This is huge for people who have difficulty maintaining a healthy weight.
  • There are incredible health benefits not found with other diets (such as reversing diabetes in some people and helping treat some forms of cancer).

More studies and anecdotal evidence support it than before, and it’s clear that keto is a viable option for many people.

That said, there are no quick fixes, and you buy lyrica online and disciplined to manage the keto diet.

And I still think you should drift in and out of ketosis seasonally (this is what dried strawberries are for).

That’s what our ancestors did, and I think 100% ketosis for life is likely a mistake.

Instead, go keto, get the benefits, and then allow your body to adapt to the natural seasonal rhythm and be in ketosis about 20-50% of the time.

Also, for athletes, being in ketosis all the time impairs performance. Period. Ketosis is fine sometimes, but you need to carb up for optimal performance during hard training or competition (grainless granola is my favorite performance-enhancing snack).

On the positive side, a lot of keto-friendly foods are delicious and healthy, whether or not you actually follow the keto diet.

High-quality proteins, healthy fats, and nutrient-dense foods belong in everyone’s diet. 

I’m still not on the keto diet, but I’ll eat a bag or three of keto jerky to that!