How to Boost Your Immune System Naturally

What can you do to help yourself right now, naturally, in the face of the coronavirus that’s sweeping the world?

Besides washing your hands and using the guidelines of “social distancing” (keeping a distance of 3-6 feet from other people), here are some handy tips to naturally boost your immune system and stay healthier in these trying times.

1. Get more Vitamin D. Get out in the sunlight if you can.

2. Skip the sugar. Refined sugar can act like a breeding ground for disease. Avoid it!

3. Eat unprocessed and minimally processed foods. These foods, like leafy green vegetables, can help boost your immune system. Eat more of them! Avoid junk food and processed foods lacking important vitamins and micro-nutrients.

4. Feed your gut flora the good stuff. Consume high-fiber foods and more plant foods, including fermented foods. (We have fermented krauts/kimchi and immune-boosting probiotic gut shots  if you need them.) 

5. Sleep well. Rest is critical to reducing stress and helping your body repair itself.

6. Work on your fitness. Anything is better than nothing. 

a. Walking is excellent – especially for older people – and you don’t need any special equipment. 

b. If you’re a competitive athlete, keep at it but don’t overwork yourself to the point of impairing your own immune system. Be smart and recover right. 

c. And – very importantly – exercise helps reduce stress and that reduction helps your immune system.

7. Ease up on the alcohol. A drink here and there can be all right, but alcohol can deplete your immune cells so monitor your intake.

Exercise, eat well, sleep well, and wash your hands often. Take care of each other, especially the elderly and the weaker members of our communities. Now’s the time to be a good neighbor and check up on relatives and frie. We’ll all get through this together. 

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