Finding the Good in All of This…

Whew. It’s been a rough month.

Does anyone even know what day it is?

Coronavirus has been hitting us hard here in New Jersey – and my heart goes out to everyone struggling right now, wherever you are and whatever you do.

Whether you’re in healthcare, the food industry, law enforcement, another essential service, or you’re working at home social distancing like a good citizen, this is not an easy time.

But I want to talk about something positive because I see it, even as we’re working 14-hour days trying to make and ship food here in our small business in NJ. (Please be patient with us. The small but mighty Steve’s crew is working as fast as we can!)

There’s something wonderful that I think we’re all seeing coming out of these lockdown weeks and quarantine moments: the world has slowed down and we can see more clearly now.

Our lives were a bit too full before, a bit too fast-paced, and it felt like some of us were losing perspective. But that seems to be over now.

In a short amount of time, the world got REAL.

Everything that didn’t matter so much got shoved to the side and what’s important moved front and center:

  • People
  • Family
  • Connection

So many folks are

  • cooking their own meals
  • reading books
  • playing board games
  • watching movies together
  • hiking
  • working out

We’ve even seen people in warmer parts of the country planting Victory Gardens in their backyards! I can’t wait to plant my own Victory Garden with my kids once the weather warms up.

People have realized that growing your own food is a good thing. Cooking your own food is the safest and healthiest thing. And doing stuff together is FUN!

Hard times often inspire greatness. The amount of time we each have with our thoughts now is pretty impressive. Good things will grow from this all: I can feel it.

So, if you’re feeling down from these difficult days, take heart. We’re learning and getting stronger. Together, we can accomplish a whole lot of good after this crisis.

Stay safe. Take care of each other.

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