7 Great Holiday Gifts for Fitness Lovers

It’s that time of year. You’re standing in a store or surfing online, looking at scarves or sweaters (or cat videos, let’s be real), and you don’t want to buy any of it … but you need a gift! Argghh! What to buy?

Let’s make this easy. Here are seven gifts you can buy right now, right here and you never even have to get in your car or search for a parking spot. You can grab these gifts for the fitness lover in your life, for the person you hope will become a lover of fitness, or for the office grab-bag.

So, without further holiday chat, I give you 7 Great Holiday Gift Ideas:

1) A Barbellbarbells-edit-2

Am I serious? Heck yeah! I can’t imagine a better gift under the Christmas tree than a shiny new barbell! Kids get bicycles, so why shouldn’t an adult in your life get a barbell?

Head over to Rogue or Eleiko, and make someone’s day! Hook your baby up with something guaranteed to make them smile (and grunt) all year long!

2) Sampler Kits from Steve’s PaleoGoods

Need something yummy and good for you? Check out the entire array of sampler kits from Steve’s. You can’t go wrong here!

3) The Best Travel Mug Ever

I know everyone has their favorites for a travel mug, but I have a fondness for this Thermos stainless mug both for price and function. What’s your favorite?journal_poster-ssitm

4) A Workout Journal

I’m biased here because I love my newest workout journal, but this one looks cool too!

We might live in the digital age, but it’s nice to have a book to write in and look back on. So old school. So awesome. (Or, how about a fitness coloring book for adults?)

5) A Lifting Belt

So much better than a sweater! I love this 3″ lifting belt, but it’s made to order so if you need one sooner, you can check out the collection at Rogue.

6) Workout Clothing

There are many great choices out there, but here are two options for women that are a little more off the beaten path and worth a look!

GRRRL Clothing (“Independent. Strong. And sometimes borderline aggressive.”)

Manifesta (“We believe that every woman has a right to feel sexy.”)

7) The Instant Pot

This season’s hot ticket (pun intended), the Instant Pot is raging its way into kitchens across America. Think modern pressure cooker (and you don’t have to lose any skin).

I just bought one and I’m discovering there’s a whole world of recipes for these things! Get yourself an Instant Pot, order some steak and chicken from Steve’s, and get cooking!