Spicy PaleoStix

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Spicy Grass-Fed PaleoStix.

Do you like heat in your meat? Then we have the on-the-go protein source for you.

Our new Spicy Grass-Fed PaleoStix pack a punch, and they are convenient and delicious! A touch of cayenne pepper goes a long way in our newest offering. WHOA are they hot.

Spicy Grass-Fed PaleoStix are nitrate-free, gluten-free, and made from grass-fed and grass-finished beef, raised without antibiotics or added hormones. Tightly sealed for maximum freshness, each stick has a whopping 7 grams of pure protein.

We make our PaleoStix the old fashioned way. We dry, smoke and spice our meat to safely preserve it without using additives. Our Stix are clean and delicious pure protein.

Some companies add water to their meat sticks to add weight. This scrupulous practice is commonly referred to as “pennies from heaven” since it is an inexpensive way for the manufacturer to boost net weight and net profit. You won’t get watery Stix from Steve’s PaleoGoods.

Starches can also be added for preservation and flavor enhancement. Vinegar and lactic acid are other popular preservatives. When in doubt, check the deck for ingredients that you can’t recognize or pronounce.

Now there are eight delicious varieties of PaleoStix, grab your old favorites or try something new today!