Six Necessary Paleo Snacks for Every Pantry

boothWith the lack of high-calorie breads and dairy-laden foods, snacking is of utmost importance on Paleo. This is especially true if you lead an active lifestyle and have a higher calorie requirement. Luckily, Paleo is loaded with healthy and nutritionally potent snacks, many of which are highly-portable and can be taken anywhere. Six of these Paleo snacking essentials are featured here, along with their nutritional benefits and variations.

Fresh Fruit & Veggies

The heart of the Paleo lifestyle, fresh fruits and vegetables should make up the majority of any Paleo person’s diet. The choices are virtually limitless and can range from a couple of apples, to an elaborate display of finely-cut veggies. Spice up your fresh veggie snack with Paleo-friendly sauces, including Paleo Caesar and Paleo Hot Wing sauces, both of which make excellent dips.


One of the reasons Paleo is often adopted by Cross Fit practitioners, MMA fighters, and other athletes is because it encourages high protein consumption. Jerky is a phenomenal snack that you can easily bring on hikes and other excursions, and it’s not limited to beef. Chicken, elk, fish, and other types of jerky exist, and all of it is packed with protein.

Dried Fruit

dried fruit sampler

Believe it or not, dried fruit has been a favorite snack of hungry humans for centuries. More convenient than messy chips, but the nutritional value of, well, fruit, dried fruit is an optimal Paleo friendly snack. The best part is that there are tons of available varieties. Not a big fan of prunes? Try apricots, bananas, apples, cherries, or make your own combinations.

Trail Mix

No snack has as much inherent variety as trail mix. With multiple nuts, fruits, berries, seeds, and other choices, feel free to include the best ingredients and leave out the rest when customizing your mix. Another great advantage of trail mix in general is that it has the nutritional benefits of each included ingredient. This means you can easily get protein, good fats, healthy carbs, and key vitamins all in one snack. Paleo-friendly trail mix can be creative and awesome, as you can tell with this Banana Split Paleo Crunch.


Along with almond butter and coconut milk, bacon is one of the all-star ingredients on most peoples’ Paleo diets. Known widely as one of the best-tasting meats, bacon is also valuable because of its versatility as a snack, primary protein, or addition to almost any other meal. As a snack, strips of cooked bacon can easily be packed into zip-lock bags for use in lettuce wraps, on a salad, or by themselves. Other easily accessible and high-protein meats can be excellent for snacking as well, including tuna and chicken breasts.

Paleo Treats

A cool thing about the Paleo community is that it is full of active, creative people, and therefore, is constantly evolving. That means snacks and deserts that were once thought impossible without the use of grains and milk can now be done with almond powder and coconut milk. Due to the work of ingenious Paleo chefs like the ones at Steve’s Paleo Goods, creative snacks like these nutritious Paleo bars are consistently expanding the options for snacking on Paleo.

The Must-have Paleo Snacks

steve's paleo goods

Since you won’t be scarfing down any 900-calorie fast food burritos on Paleo, frequent healthy snacking is a real necessity. Fortunately, frequent healthy snacking is good for your metabolism, and the Paleo lifestyle has tons of nutritious options that leave you feeling clean and fully charged. Whether you prefer a sweet snack like dried fruit or Paleo Crunch, or something with higher protein value like a nutty trail mix or chicken jerky, it’s easy to find a snack that is perfect for your lifestyle on the Paleo diet.