The Many Benefits of Paleo Granola

paleo granola bars

There is a lot of truth to the hype surrounding granola and its health benefits, and luckily, paleo granola has many of the same qualities. Most importantly, paleo granola used by hikers, campers, adventurers and travelers of all kinds because it’s an extremely portable, high-energy snack. In a more domestic sense, it’s often used as a granola cereal, a topping for ice cream or yogurts, or packed together in granola bars for the student or office worker to easily grab for a quick lunch. As some of the benefits and variations of Paleo Granola are explained, perhaps we can gain a new vardenafil for this snack that’s as old as the first nuts gathered by the original cavemen.

Paleo Granola Bars

You might think you know granola, but these definitely aren’t your average flavors. Bacon, Egg, and Coffee is one of the Paleo Protein Bar flavors offered for those who aren’t a big fans of sweets. For those who are, Pumpkin and Cranberry and Chocolate Pineapple versions might be more appealing. Whether you choose those, or Nutty Butter, each of the Paleo Granola Bars are grain-free and loaded with protein. In addition to the high-protein Paleo Bars, there are also Paleo Krunch Bars that come in Original, as well as Seasonal Pumpkin flavors.

Paleo Granola Cereal

paleo granola

Granola is typically available in two forms: tightly-compacted bars, or loose like cereal, and both have Paleo versions with interesting flavor options. Among these flavors of Paleo Cereal are Apple Pie, Bacon, Cinnamon, and Dark Chocolate Espresso. Mix any of these with coconut milk or almond milk for an ideal Paleo Breakfast.

Nut-free, Grain-free Granola

If you thought making Paleo granola without the oats and grains would be hard enough, wait until you try this version that has no nuts either. Surprisingly popular and highly reviewed, this Nut-free Paleo Granola is comprised of various crunchy seeds, coconut shreds, and honey. For a unique twist, Nut-free Paleo Granola is also available in Carrot Cake variety.

Benefits of Paleo Granola

While regular granola receives criticism for having extra sugar, Paleo Granola mitigates that with all healthy ingredients. Loaded with seeds, nuts, shreds of coconut, and sweetened with Paleo honey, Paleo granola is high in Omega-6 and protein. The protein boost is important because it’s one of the easiest non-meat sources on the Paleo diet. Considering that there are critical nutrients that can only be found in nuts and seeds, and Paleo Granola combines those ingredients, it’s easy to see the high nutritional value of granola products. Also beneficial is that you can enjoy granola while avoiding grains, nuts, or sugar depending on how strict of a diet you follow.

More Ways to Use Paleo Granola

paleo granola

Granola is often used as a topping on ice cream and yogurt, but Paleo people will use Paleo Granola on parfaits, fresh fruits, and creative Paleo desserts. Salads and fruits of all kinds are popular on paleo, and a handful of Paleo Granola can add a much-needed crunch. Ultimately, Paleo Granola is most commonly used as a breakfast item, desert topping, or as the perfect power food while traveling. Shop all your paleo needs at Steve’s Paleo Goods. From paleo granola to dried fruit or paleo jerky, Steve has everything you need to stay satisfied while trying to eat clean and live a healthier life.