Carbs Are More Important Than You Realize.

Carbs are having a rough moment in the world

Everywhere you look, there’s a new diet claiming that if you would only stop eating carbs, you would lose bodyfat.

True and false.

Our bodies aren’t that simple. If carbs were a relationship status on Facebook, they would be “It’s complicated.”

The easy answer is “eat fewer carbs and drop the pounds” … but it wouldn’t be the whole answer. Carbs serve an important purpose in our bodies: they give us easily accessible energy (which is key during workouts) as well as provide a host of other benefits that we don’t always think about. We NEED carbs if we are planning to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.

There have been many healthy and thriving cultures over the years who consumed large amounts of carbs, which suggests that very few cultures lived on protein and fat alone. (There is even some evidence to suggest that carbs helped our ancestors develop their brains.)

But can you name one culture that survived eating the Keto way? Yeah, me neither.

If our bodies were meant to not eat carbs, evolution would have eliminated the carb eaters by now. But it hasn’t, and so we should pay attention.

Now, I’m not telling you to carb up or carb load or even to predominantly eat carbs. What I am suggesting is that you keep healthy carbs in your diet. I am suggesting that you choose whole foods and clean carbs. Veggies are your friend. Fruit can be your friend (in limited quantities).

  • Keep rocking your nutritional plan.
  • Keep working towards your performance goals.
  • Keep moving and doing all the right things.

Just don’t write off carbs. There’s a reason they’re still in our diet. And if you need some healthy carbs? Try some of my favorites:

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