GYST with Lisbeth Darsh

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A Darsh Original.

It’s time for the GYST messages. You know, the annual parade of Get Your Sh** Together (GYST) articles that appear around the coming new year. This one is like that … and not.


See, I know if you’re reading this article, that you already are thinking in terms of healthier living. You eat along Paleo lines, or Paleo-ish. You know that eating whole foods is better for your body, and you know that “whole foods” doesn’t mean you eat the WHOLE Pop-Tart, not just half. It means you try not to pollute your body with chemicals and additives and non-nutrition “foodstuffs.”

So, what gives here? Why do you need another GYST article?

Because you’re human like the rest of us.

Shocking, I know. In our heads, we’re always bigger buy levitra online , we’re infallible, and yet we’re brutal to ourselves when we fail. And we do fail. We fall off the wagon. We wander from the path. Sometimes, we just flat-out crash and burn. We wake up and look at the counter where that cranberry-raisin bread USED to be. The recycling bin clinks way too loudly with the empty beer bottles, and even the dog is getting chubby from all the delicious scraps of the holiday meals. And we try to convince ourselves that it’s “just the holidays”— that we’ll get back on the wagon, that we just need a fluoxetine.

This is your push. Stop eating crap. Reclaim your nutrition, reclaim your body, reclaim your life.

Why do we do this stuff in winter? Because not only do we indulge at the holidays, but January is one damn bleak month. Seriously. If you live in the North, it’s cold and miserable. If you live in the South, it’s just not hot enough. And if you live in the West, you’re hoping it’s raining because you don’t want another drought year.

January bites ass. And that’s why it’s the perfect GYST month. No other month wants to be GYST. The summer months are all hot fun. The spring is all growth. Even the fall has good juju with those leaves falling and the renewal of the Earth blah blah blah.

But January? One miserable month. (So too its ugly sister, February.) The party’s over and it’s time to GYST.


Seriously. What else are you going to do? Sit on your couch under a fuzzy blanket with your dog and binge watch Netflix while eating mac cheese? (Oh wait, that sounds like my past Friday night.) That’s only going to make you feel better for a night. One night. But not a week. Not a month. Not a lifetime. And it won’t give you the kind of ass you want or the strength you crave.

You know what will help you get stronger, leaner, faster, better, sexier, funnier (okay, I might be stretching it here)? Eating right. You don’t have to go Nutritional Monk, but you need to make better choices, starting today. You know that, so do it. GYST.

There’s no better GYST month than January. Have your fun, but start planning and doing so this is your best year ever! It all starts right now. Meal plan. Meal prep. Put the good stuff in your frig and your cupboards, and get rid of the fake food that won’t help you fulfill your dreams. Send it to work, send it to school, send it to the garbage can. Just get it out of your house. And keep getting into the gym and onto the trail or the slopes or wherever movement makes your heart sing and your body grow healthier.

Good luck, and go kick butt. Stick it out through ugly February too, and cruise into mofo March like a boss! Go forth and GYST!

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