The Weight Belt Doesn’t Lie

This is a photo of a woman deadlifing a barbell

The weight belt doesn’t lie.

The weight belt knows if you ate that brownie. It knows if you ate that roast beef sandwich too. It knows the exact number of beers you had on Friday night. And it knows if you’ve been working too much and playing in the gym too little.

The weight belt doesn’t put up with your dietary transgressions  (“I ate half a pizza”) or your excuses (“There was nothing to eat in the house so I went to the drive-through”).

It doesn’t care that you have a new boss, or that you have a new baby, or that you’re about to have a nervous breakdown. The weight belt simply sits in your gym bag and waits for you to use it when you lift heavy things, waits for your spine to need bracing, waits for you to cinch it around your waist and suck it all in—all the brownies, beer, and bravado that you’ve ever had.

And then the weight belt does its thing while you do your thing, whether that’s back squats or deadlifts or cleans. The weight belt assists you in whatever you’ve decided is the priority in your training today.

Pay attention to that word: priority. We like to think that life dictates our day and our choices, but the simple truth of the matter is that we do.

We decide our priorities. If we don’t get to the gym, it’s because we made something else a priority in our life.

  • We chose work instead of training
  • We chose taking care of our kids
  • We chose spending time with a lover

And that’s okay! We have to do those things sometimes. I don’t know anybody who has a totally unencumbered schedule. (Well, my dog does, but who knows? Maybe he’s stressed out over when he has to sleep in the sun versus when he needs to run around the house and bark at things. )

But I digress. What I’m trying to say here is that the weight belt will tell you the truth … and you should be happy for that!

Because once you see that the old #4 hole on your belt is no longer comfortable and you’re wishing you could tuck that pin into #5, then you know what you have to do. The weight belt has given you a data point—and that point says you need to eat smarter and train harder.

That’s what it comes down to, right? Eating smarter and training harder. (And resting enough. Don’t be cutting down on your sleep, because that will undermine your progress for sure.) Order some Steve’s Salmon or grab a couple of bags of PaleoKits to throw in your car so you have clean, healthy food to eat when you leave the gym all hungry after working out.

The weight belt doesn’t lie, and that’s a good thing. Get yourself in check again (we all have to do this repeatedly) and get back on the path to achievement. You got this!

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