Maybe This Is a Better Way Forward

We’re all talking a lot lately … but I’m not so sure we’re all listening.

Our country seems so divided right now. Everybody’s arguing and hating on other folks who don’t share their beliefs. It’s sad. Friendships are ending and families are fighting. I’ve watched long-time friends and business owners engage in bitter arguments on social media just because someone has a different opinion.

A different opinion.

Of course we have different opinions. We’re all different people with different experiences and different thoughts! If we all thought the same things and said the same things and did the same things, this world sure would be a boring place. I love our different cultures and experiences: that’s part of what makes America so wonderful!

Maybe instead of getting all riled up and squaring off in separate camps because of different opinions, we could do something a little more constructive and a little more helpful.

Maybe we could find where we share common ground, common interests, and common love.

Like right here, in the Steve’s community, I know we all appreciate family, community, healthy eating, working out, and doing the right things for the people in our lives.

That’s where we all start.

It’s not where we all finish but it’s what we have in common. So let’s start there … and then let’s build a bridge that we can go back and forth over. A common bridge that is stronger than our differences in political opinions, religion, or where we’re from. A bridge that carries us when we make mistakes in listening and we need some understanding to get us back to where we can hear someone else and we can be heard.

Everybody wants to be heard so we’re all going to have to learn to listen better.

Now, I’m certainly not a romantic and think peace, love, and happiness is all we need to get along but I think if we became better listeners and more accepting of other viewpoints and worldviews, then we will have a more cooperative and just society.

We can’t lose sight of the fact that, at the end of the day, we are all Americans on the same team and we are each doing our best to raise families and live the best life we possibly can.

There are many problems we need to solve in our society but if we work together, I think we can get a lot farther, faster.

Will you join me? I’m listening … and I hope you will be, too.

Yours in Health & Fitness,


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