Is Anybody Perfect?

Hi, I’m Steve and I’m imperfect.

We’re all imperfect – every single one of us – and that’s okay. Being imperfect is like the sky being blue or the breeze blowing. It just is.

My day doesn’t always go perfectly – or my workout, or my meals.

Yeah, I’m the food guy and I’m not always eating perfectly. I try to eat clean almost all the time but I give in now and then. I’m human! I try to work out 4 days a week but I skip a workout now and then. Perfection is not just boring but it can make you kind of hard to be around, you know? I find the people in my life are happier when I give a little bit here and there – and so am I!

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to know that if you’re imperfect too, you’re not alone. Nobody’s life is like we see it on social media or tv. Most photos are filtered and airbrushed. Videos get manipulated. That’s sad but it’s true.

The good news? You and me: we’re real. Real people trying to do great things and make the people in our lives feel happy and loved.

And part of that commitment to the happiness of our family and friends is taking care of ourselves so we stay healthy, particularly now in this valacyclovir. This is no time to take chances with your health!

So that means:

  • Working (or studying if you’re a student)
  • Exercising
  • Shopping for healthy foods AND eating them. (I see you with the veggies going bad in the crisper. Cook those babies up!)
  • Getting enough sleep
  • And taking your foot off the gas once in a while and skipping the workout to rest your body or simply take a walk with your kids.

I think life can be glorious (even now) if we continue to focus on the important stuff in life and we let go the crazy idea that we need to be perfect about everything. Just keep trying.

  • Some days you’ll hit the mark … and some days you won’t.
  • Some meals will be fantastic for you… and some won’t.
  • Some workouts will feel great … and then there’s thrusters. (They’ll never feel great.????)

But that’s okay. Just keep going. We’re all part of the Club of Imperfect But Trying – and there are millions of us.

24 thoughts on “Is Anybody Perfect?

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