Keto, Paleo & Flexible Eating

I’ve recently come around to keto, with an entire line of healthy snacks that are keto-friendly, paleo and gluten-free.

If you decide to eat keto for months or even up to a year or two to get healthy or achieve a healthy weight, go for it! It really works.

But once you’ve achieved your goals, natural, healthy whole food carbs aren’t the enemy.

Truth be told, 24/7/365 lifetime ketosis can be very challenging for most people.The best of both worlds is flexible eating, drifting in and out of ketosis throughout the year:

With this approach, switching it up throughout the year, going keto is much more sustainable, in my opinion. Again, this is what I found works best for me. Everyone is different. 

Depending on your goals, you might be better served to follow a high protein/high fat diet year round while someone else might be better served to carb up every few days. It really depends on your personal goals and what works best for you.

Want to incorporate keto eating? I have some easy guidelines below that I have found have worked really well for me…

Full or mostly full ketosis

Highest in whole food protein and healthy fats

Lowest in carbs: Greens and trace carbs from traditional fermented foods only

Natural fat loss!

Cyclical ketosis

High in protein, moderate healthy fats, healthy probiotic foods

Delicate, green salads with seasonal herbs

Sweet potatoes and root vegetables as a carb source a few times a week (optional)

Natural body recomposition: combo of fat loss and lean muscle-building

No ketosis

Moderate protein, moderate healthy fats

Highest in carbs: local, colorful seasonal fruits, other healthy carb treats

Highest performance and natural hypertrophy (muscle-building)

This ancestral blueprint is our past, and it’s also the future of keto and healthy eating! Get back in touch with nature, lose fat, boost performance, and get healthy with flexible keto. Remember, the key to good nutrition is to focus on unprocessed, nutrient-dense, whole-based foods as close to nature as possible.