On Quality

Buy quality: cry only once.”
Someone said this to me when I was younger and it took me a moment to understand, probably because I focused too much on the “cry” verb. I wanted to know why I was crying. Who likes to cry? Why would we even talk about crying?
Then I realized I was being stupid. See, the point of the saying was that buying quality was the smart thing to do. That more tears come from the results of bad decisions, not from the results of good decisions. And that something made from poor ingredients or materials will bring tears twice: once when you pay, and a second time when you regret the decision you made to pay.
Now, nobody I know likes to part with their money. I certainly don’t. If you’re anything like me, you work hard for your money, and life is not easy nor are times certain. So it simply makes sense to spend on things of value to you, on quality that you deserve. There is enough BS everywhere that you look. Don’t need to be adding more of that to your life, right?
Plus, when you think about it, there is only one thing in your life that is always there: you. Jobs may come and go, friends and loved ones may pass, exercise habits may change (or ebb and flow), yet you are the one constant in your life. You. So, it makes sense to take care of yourself. And part of taking good care of yourself is not eating garbage. You simply must fuel your body and your life properly if you want to achieve.
Blaise Pascal, the famous mathematician, once said: “What is important is not the quantity of your knowledge, but its quality.” In much the same vein, the quality of your food is important, not just the quantity. Sort of like what we see in the gym. Volume doesn’t trump good movement. And eating a lot of junk doesn’t get you farther. Eating smart does, though.

So, I might take that old saying on quality and tweak it a little: “Be smart. Buy quality. Don’t cry at all.”

Well, unless your workout was really bad…

Lisbeth Darsh is a writer and social media consultant. She is the author of “Live Like That” and blogs regularly at Words With Lisbeth. A full-time believer in the the power of words and fitness to change your life, Lisbeth was a key player in the success of CrossFit, leading the CrossFit, Inc. Affiliate and Social Media Teams for years. Now, when she’s not writing, you can find her front squatting, bombing down the Santa Cruz trails on her mountain bike, or trying to convince her two teenage boys that she’s an adult and in charge.


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